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Thread: Ideas for socializing a GSD pup

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    LOL @ bernie. I smell girl power!

    I think 2 of the best places for dog socialization are dog parks and socialization classes.
    Border Collies are like potato chips, you really can't have just oneā€¦

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    Beloz, i love the image you paint of the large long haired GSD with baby toys.
    Cracks me up to see Bernie staring at visitors. We have several gangly youths of the male variety visiting this house, they seem easily spooked and freeze when the dog is staring at them.
    Ah it pays to have the illusion of grrr dangerous dog nearby, DONT move! as they get under my feet otherwise.
    Bernie is also a excellent chaperone. He's not keen on people touching my daughter, including her boyfriend (cackles her mad witch laugh)

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    So I took Prince and our other dog, a Jack Russell, to Altona Beach today. Aside from a fight between the two about god knows what in the back of my car on the way there I was SO pleased with Prince and his behavior.

    He saw big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, wet dogs racing around and bikes and he was so well behaved the entire time and never ever wandered too far. I went there not knowing if I'd be able to take him off his leash or not - I ended up taking it off straight away and had no issues. I never had an issue with any of the other dogs, every dog there was super well behaved and my boyfriend loved the outing too. I even tried my luck and tested out to see if I could do a little training while there were dogs zooming around.. he did well.

    He also got so many complements from people! I couldn't believe it. Everyone came up to me telling me how gorgeous he is.

    The boyfriend and I are definitely making this trip a weekly outing - even if it's just to have a zoom around the field at the top of the beach.

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