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Thread: new puppy chow

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    Question new puppy chow

    hey guys,

    im looking for some advice on new finding new puppy food

    im after a new healthy puppy pet kibble

    Thanks <3

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    What breed is it for?

    I have medium and toy breeds and mine are raised on Advance Rehydratable, it's the one you add warm water to and it makes like a gravy that coats the dry food or you can just feed it dry. When they are a bit older I switch to a lower cost food (Supercoat).

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    hey yea mines on advance atm and she likes it but i dont know she only eats it coz thats all we give her, she gets meat with dinner but just the kibble in the morning, when do u switch??

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    I started my dog on advance - cos that is what the AWL were selling when I got her. And my vet sells it too.

    He said I could swap from puppy version to adult version after she turns 6 months old, and I could stop soaking it after 3 months old.

    I think I kept soaking it till she was about 4 months old and kept feeding it to her till she was 12 months old. Not long after that - I swapped to Nutro Natural Choice - made by the same company as Advance (Mars of Mars Bars fame), but claiming slightly higher quality ingredients. Since then we've had a lot less tummy upsets. Was getting those every couple of weeks and it was no fun.

    I am about to switch her to Black Hawk Holistic Lamb and Rice. I'm not sure about the first listed ingredient - "lamb meal" which means meat and bone ground up together but I quite like the rest of the ingredients in the list and it's a lot cheaper than Nutro and also made in Australia. My nutro pack's first listed ingredient is dried chicken. which could be chicken meal too. Although that's listed separately further down the ingredient list.

    I also make my own casserole equivalent to the tinned stuff. One batch lasts about a week.

    When ever you do switch to a new dry food, you mix it 1/4 new stuff to old stuff at a time until it's all swapped over - ie over 4 days. The Nutro and Advance have this written on their packs.

    My dog likes supercoat, like teenagers like Maccas.

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    I've got mine on Blackhawk too. They do have a puppy variety bt I've only used the adult one.

    My last litter we fed Coprice and Bonnie puppy kibble, with raw chicken. Pups did very well.

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    I'm thinking of trying some of the working dog dry on my boy, he just doesn't put on weight.

    I switch to supercoat junior at about 6 months then adult at 12 months.

    I also feed raw meat and dog roll for dinner, they get the dry food for breakfast.

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    We've used Coprice working for some time Crested and had good results, but lately it was going straight through them and we started with some rashes/ hot spots on two boy (father and son so may be a shared sensitivity). Hence the change to Blackhawk and it has been great so far, easy to get weight on, much less output to pickup in the yard... Works out costing barely more as they eat less of it and do better, even with my big lanky monsters.

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    Cost isn't really a big deal with Cyrus, I don't mind paying more for his food than the others. The poodles will get fat off just the smell of cheap dry food so they get the Supercoat... Cyrus only weighs 5kg so his food intake isn't exactly a lot anyway

    I'll look into Blackhawk and see if you can buy it here, thanks. I have had him on Eagle Pack, Hollistic Select, Royal Canin, Advance, Supercoat... On top of that I add grated cheese, oil, sardines, peanut butter and a variety of other fattening things a few times a week... Nothing seems to work. I have even tried all raw diets with lamb flap etc.

    He sleeps about 20 hours a day (by his own choice), I envy his metabolism.

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    I feel your pain Crested. The's always articles and diets out there for getting weight off dogs, but not the opposite! My boys drop it when the girls are in season but also go through very lanky skinny stages as adolescents. It can be very frustrating!

    When we had the salukis it was even worse! I think I was obsessed with trying to increase intake and fat/ energy! I even dreamed about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    My dog likes supercoat, like teenagers like Maccas.
    My old dog was like this, especially with can food. She loved the cheapest stuff like Chum, the best.

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