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Thread: What playpen size is suit for my dog?

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    Smile What playpen size is suit for my dog?

    I'm going to be buying a pet exercise playpen for my dog, but the problem is that i dont know what size of the playpen i should get for her! shes a adult standard schnauzer. here are the sizes:

    29" x 29" x 17" high,

    36" x 36" x 23" high,

    46" x 46" x 28" high.

    28”w x 48”h

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    It would depend on what you are using for I guess.

    If it is for outside then you will want one with a roof so the dog can't jump or climb out.

    If it is for inside supervised then whatever will fit in your home.

    I have had a 3 month old puppy scale a 39" playpen before and I have a friend whose dog died climbing out of a pen (the top caused internal damage) so any open top playpen is out of the question here unles supervised.

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    My puppy/Dog will have 10mx10m of the backyard for herself - TBH I am not sure as well if this efficient space, but we have the footy field/park just across the road - so we plan to take her there for 30 to hour exercise

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    How big is your dog going to be? The playpen needs to be big enough so that she can stand fully without bumping her head when she is fully grown - how long are you going to leave her in there? Is this for supervised play only? I bought a large crate for my Italian Mastiff puppy and she is just about fully grown and sleeps in it every night - she lets me know when she needs to get out to go to the "little girls room" ! You need to think about everything that you are going to use this playpen for?

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    Is this question about a play pen or a crate?

    My dog yard is 90mtrs circumference, that is their play area.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    If the play area is small, the dogs tend to just sleep until you come home and let them out. Somewhere I read how big the space needs to be, I think 26m square is about it. Ie a whole back yard on an old style quarter acre block. I know my dog has about this much room in the back and entertains herself for ages hunting mice and rats. I think I need to get a terrier next to actually dispatch rodents instead of just stalking them.

    For an adult schnauzer - I'd get the biggest pen.
    46" x 46" x 28" high.
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