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    Question Size

    Hey Guys

    So far i have found this forum very helpful, its nice being able to ask for advice

    Just have a quick question, i'm just wondering if anyone has a Jack Russell cross Australian Blue Cattle Dog and knows how big they will get?

    I know most cross breds have different outcomes in puppies just wondering what out comes other people have had?


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    First, congratulations on your new pup Any chance of pictures??

    As to it's size, I would guess somewhere between the expected sizes of the parents. Did you see the parents? I hope the ACD was the mother lol

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    Generally if the breeding was 50/50 then you would probably end up with somewhere half way between those breeds of dogs regular height/weight but if you don't know if the parents were pure or not etc (and I am guessing you don't as your pup was a rescue) then probably no way of telling until your pup is all grown up.
    You can take some clue from what size we are now but it would be a guesstimate.
    How much does does your pup weigh now?

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    Thanks she is beautiful
    Im told the Mother was the ACD, i also saw her brothers you have never seen 4 pups so different before
    she is about 5kg and has big paws for a little pup

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    it's very hard to say, though she looks more foxie than anything but that could be just how the cross throws. Mum could of been a big ACD or a small ACD or not even pure, same with dad. Maybe there was also more than one dad if there is a big variation with the puppies - or not.

    Genetics is a funny thing, they can also throw back to paternal or maternal grandparents etc. My dog always throws at least one pup that is a dead ringer for his paternal grandfather no matter what bitch he is put to. So for a crossbred the sky's the limit and unpredictable.

    Though as a general rule, size of feet, knuckle in the front legs, general all over bone can help in predicting size, though JRT's are stocky little dogs.

    But regardless she sure is a cutie & reminds me of our little mini foxie from when I was a kid.

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    well your pup is almost already the size of a small full grown Jack Russel so I would hazard a guess at somewhere between 12 - 18 kilos....

    Your pup is gorgeous

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    Cute looking pup and welcome
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks all and she sure is a beautiful little thing lol

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    omg cattle dog x JRT.
    Gorgeous. And i wonder when it'll grow into those ears lol. so cute. 5kg. ahhhh bless. Fox Terrier size id say.

    makes me want a tiny again.

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