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Thread: New Friends???

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    I have four dogs now, but I have always waited to get the next dog until those in the house are well trained to the standard I like......So that the next dog is almost trained by osmosis LOL, especially when they are puppies
    Pets are forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by tazza View Post

    My partner and myself are up for the challange of taking on two pups, we know there is much more then just the cute little cuddles.... other wise we would not even thought of doing so
    i was more worried about my current pup prehaps losing some of her new found confidance?
    She gets along great with other dogs very well and i think looking for a friend
    but is totally in love with my partner, so not worried at all about her getting solely attachted to another dog
    If she is not an overly confident pup, then she would likely come to rely on the other pup IMO.

    I rescued two pups and they went to the same home initially, but they became so dependant on each other that one of the pups (the less outgoing one) became completely withdrawn. They were split up and the withdrawn one sent to a new home at 7 months or so...and they are now both confident happy girls who get to see each other.

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    If you do wait until your pup has grown up and fully developed her personality, you will also have a much better idea of what kind of dog would suit your dog.

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