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Thread: What should I feed my 8 week old pup

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    Also my girls are on the B.A.R.F diet which is based around what they eat in the wild. It is a mixture of raw meaty bones, raw muscle meat, raw organ meat and blended veg and supplements like omega and such. My work schedule keeps me too busy (read: I am just really lazy) to prepare everything myself so I get Dr B's B.A.R.F.
    Good stuff that is definately worth looking into.
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    What food you should feed your puppy really comes down to what you would like to get out of your dog vs available time and financial constraints. If possible I would only recommend a balanced raw diet, especially if you can prepare it fresh yourself.

    There are dozens of articles you can access through google that highlight the negative effects of dry and canned food.

    To my understanding canned food goes through a sterilisation process called "retorting" once the can is sealed and this is to give it a long shelf life. This is the same for most human canned food. The process involves reheating the can once it is sealed at very high temperatures to kill bacteria. Naturally when it is heated so much not only the bacteria dies but the nutrients as well. It is pretty safe to say that the meat content in canned products are left with no nutritional value and instead the products rely on supplement powders to meet a dogs minimum nutritional requirements. Then, just like dry food there are fillers and preservatives etc. that serve no benefit to the health of a dog.

    Even when dogs are on a raw diet they still need something to grind on. On the contrary to popular belief, dry food does not help clean their teeth and this is the most overlooked issue that leads to many health problems in their later years. Raw carcasses (organic chicken or wild rabbit etc.) fed on a very regular basis are are soft enough to not wear or chip teeth away but still hard enough to promote healthy teeth and gums.

    I hope that this information is of some benefit to you and your puppy, best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvershadowwolf24 View Post
    Sorry, what? So anything else anyone else feeds their dogs makes them irresponsible?
    Sorry about that. This is not my opinion of a responsible pet owners diet lol
    im just not pc cut n paste savvy. Error on my part.

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