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Thread: Dog in the back of utes

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    Default Dog in the back of utes

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    IME they love it, so long as they are secure to a strong anchor point, it's brilliant for a dog.
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    Ahhhh, that's the life...I remember when I was a kid growing up in little country towns, going around town in the back of the ute...we loved it lol

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    I actually think
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    Don't really see what's wrong with kids in the back of the ute being illegal. Doesn't matter what happens on your own land (the police don't care eitiher). Kids in the back of the ute on the road, and if you happen to get in a car accident... yeah.

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    My old Ridgeback loved his ute. He preferred the front but every now and then he found himself in the back. If a truck or bus went past he would lunge at it and bark like he wanted to catch it.

    One day i looked in the rear view and Scooby was gone.
    Fearing the worse i pulled over and got out to run back to the corner i just went around thinking he'd fallen out somehow even though he was tied up in the middle. I felt sick in the guts.
    To my relief he had huddled himself up hard against the cab so i couldnt see him. I gave him the biggest hug...he had no idea what all the fuss was about.
    I'm slowly working on Mojo but he's a bit unsure about it yet. I have a sticker on the back window that says to 'Beware ,Farting Bullmastiff'. It suits him to a tee.

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    We have a little old Subaru Brumby Ute and hubby has built a canopy out of weld mesh that fits it and is also easily removed, the tarp is strapped on the top giving protection from rain or sun so our dogs go out quite a lot. A length of rubber matting and a couple of padded hessian mats and they even enjoy waiting in the back of the ute. The Gordon Setter particularly likes it, the Whippets prefer warmer days and some of the bitches can get their heads out between the weld mesh and they look funny all in their coats to keep them warm.

    The look on the Gordons face sucking in all the smell and sights and sounds is pure bliss. Unfortunately hubby built it prior to the Borzoi's arrival and it's not tall enough for him, but not much is.

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    I used to have an awesome VY ute all done up, it was sexy and my red cloud would sit in the passenger seat because as a vet nurse I have seen way too many dogs that have come off the back of utes.
    After a week of flushing a wound of a dog that had come off the back of a ute and sliced the meat of its foreleg clean off the bone from its paw to its shoulder put me off ever putting my dog in the tray of a ute.
    So when I got my other kelpie I didn't have room for both dogs in the cab so I sold my ute that I loved and brought a family wagon.
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    My heeler used to live for the ride in the ute as did my rotties after. I only recently sold my navara and i miss it for the dogs. Even though i brought a van i would still prefer two big wet dogs in the back of the ute than in the back of my van, it seems to take forever for the smell to leave. Besides looking in the side mirror of the ute and seeing nero getting beaten to death by his gums was a real sight.

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    Yes my worst ever incident was hitting a dog with my car, who fell out of the back of a ute. I killed this poor little work dog, we were going in opposite directions

    But our kelpies loved being in the back of our utes in either the cages built for them or their harnesses. Katy loves the back of the ute too, when we drive it on the property, slow to feed out
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