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Thread: Dog in the back of utes

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    Don't really see what's wrong with kids in the back of the ute being illegal. Doesn't matter what happens on your own land (the police don't care eitiher). Kids in the back of the ute on the road, and if you happen to get in a car accident... yeah.
    That's pretty much how I feel about dogs in utes. My dogs love a lot of things that are bad for them... Doesn't mean I should let them do it.

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    Our new pup just uses any opportunity to LAY DOWN and be it the back of the ute, or waiting at a curb. She's fine.
    The GSD is a nightmare in a car on the way out to where we will walk, but fine on way back.
    He's a screamer, till walked. The ute is to put a piece of glass between his gob and my ears!

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    We travel with 2 Mastiffs in the back of our ute.
    We have stainless chain coming off 2 tie down thingys
    and both dogs wear a harness and are hooked up to
    the stainless chain.They can sit and lay down but can
    not get off at all or hang over the sides.

    I hate seeing dogs in the back that are not tied down
    looks scary ..

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