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    Hi everyone! my family and i are going to be bringing 2 pups home from far away. Our car will be completly filled we dont want to place the pups on our laps as it is not safe. We do not have a large car and it is quite small infact, so we decided to not place them in dog crates as we have no where to place the dog crates. I'll be in the back seat and i was wondering once you harness your dogs in the back seat; will they be able to sit on your lap? (after they be harnessed to the seat belt)

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    I am not too sure on that point.
    But I would rather you put the pups in the harness and sit there to watch them.
    And at each town stop and let them out for a toilet break and to stretch their little legs.

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    The types of harnesses I use let you stretch it out as far as the seat belt goes, but you would need to hold the belt out so that it doesn't retract back up if you know what I mean.

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    Depends how old and big these pups are. A little 8 week old pup will probably hate any sort of restraint around it for a long trip. Might even teach them to hate or fear future trips aswell. I'd be going for a carboard box, washing basket or somthing similar to put on the seat and then put the seatbelt around or through that.

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    Are you thinking of using something like this? Ruff Rider | Dog Seatbelts | Car Safety Harnesses and Pet Safety

    To answer your question, yeah it seems they would be able to sit in your lap with a harness like that, and have some movement etc. But I think it would depend on how old the puppies are as to whether or not this kind of harness would work well for them....they may not be big enough yet.

    What about trying to find this kind of harness that would fit your pups, and try to have them lie down around your feet? That way they'll be off your lap, it would be a little easier to clean if there is an accident, and they'll be safely locked-in in case the car makes a sudden stop.

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