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    Heyy everyone just joined this forum to get some help on my new puppy. Im getting her in 3 weeks time. Shes a lil lab.Sooo excited hehe Just wanted to know what do i need to get for her and how do i train her. I have never had a puppy before.I also have 2 cats.. Any tips would be great

    Thanks Danielle

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    Well she will obviously need the basics. A nice warm bed, lots of toys, a collar, lead (maybe go for a harness while she is so young).

    As for dog training, once she has had all her shots, I would suggest taking her to a group obedience training. We did this for all our dogs, and it worked out great. And it is a good way to get your pup socialised at a young age.

    Sorry it's not a lot of info! Good luck
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    and most importantly......... Lots of Love !!!

    A good idea is to take her to (your) vet for a puppy checkup as soon as you can.. Lots of vets will do this for free + cost of any products ..

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    Get a dog one of those beds - my dog loves it

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    Welcome Danielle. Looking foward to hearing about your new baby. It's so exciting waiting for a new pup to arrive.

    My Sheltie pup is celebrating her first birthday today and it seems like only yesterday we were collecting a tiny 9 week old bundle from the airport.

    Labs are great dogs. I have a real soft spot for the blacks in particular.

    Have you thought of a name for her yet?

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    Hi Danielle,

    I'm in the same boat, my baby girl (although a GSD) is a month old right now, so I have a month to wait lol.

    If I were you, I'd start looking now for a good training school, and beware what you pay for, expensive isn't always better. And also consult your local vet for recommendations for schools, and to find out if they run a puppy pre-school!

    I'm going to be going shopping for her over the next couple of weeks. I will be buying her a bowl of her own, we brought a 3rd hammock bed (I think thats what they're called) the other day, toys, a lead and collar (just remember to make sure its a soft collar, so as to not hurt her. I personally wouldn't recommend a harness on her, as she might get used to it, and from personal experience, you are asking for trouble walking a large chested dog on a harness. They get all their power from their chest, and thats where the harness sits.

    The only time our guys get harnesses is for the car.

    Also, when Jack was a pup, I had a Kong "wubba" for him, and he LOVED it... cuddled it, chewed on it, played with it, tossed it around... and as its fabric on the outside, it was fine on his baby teeth too. Puppy will be getting one too, I'd recommend them to anyone who has a pup.

    I'd also suggest some teething things, nylabones are great, as are pigs ears etc (with labs, restrict these though, or they might make her a porky puppy lol).

    All the best, and I share your anxious wait!! Feel free to pm me, if you'd like to chat further. I went through the lab puppy thing 11 months ago with Jack.


    (PS) Have you picked a name for her yet? I'm hoping to call my girl Shiloh, but we'll see how she responds to it lol.
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