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    Im wondering what is normal? My puppy is three weeks old and i received some photos at one week old. I have asked for some more, as his eyes would be open now, and i get the impression, im being a hassle? I expected maybe three sets of photos between birth and pick up?

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    Well I got weekly pics and lots of updates. We also visited from week for every week.
    I think each breeder has their own method.

    If I was selling puppies I would think it quite normal in todays world to send pictures via e-mail........So easy to do.

    I still send my Breeder updates on all our dogs, because she was also involved with Rescue. And she seems to enjoy it. And from being at her place, lots of other people do the same.
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    I got my puppy from AWL - went to our second (annual) re-union this morning... so I didn't get any photos - and she was never on their web page.

    But if I was going to a breeder - I'd want weekly photos. It shouldn't be too much hassle.

    Unless it's a puppy mill, in which case getting the puppies cleaned up and into a nice human home environment might take a bit of effort. Note - only mention that to the breeder if you really want to offend them.

    The puppies for sale link in my sig has a list of dos and don'ts and a lot of info about what is and isn't reasonable from a buyer's point of view. But every breeder is different. Some of them like to reduce the risk of disease for their puppies by keeping buyers away until the puppies are a certain age.

    But I'm with Newfsie - I'd want the kind of breeder that let me visit the parents, and then the puppies from about 3 weeks on.

    Or I'd get another rescue puppy.

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    I don't know much about this but you would assume the breeder would welcome you for visits and progress reports on the puppy you have chosen. If you are paying money for one of their puppies, then you would think it isn't too much for the breeder to keep yo updated. After all, it is beneficial for the pup to get to know your scent and whatnot,and you are showing interest in your little pup to be!

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    With my parents dog they got weekly photos of the whole litter then close ups of theres when they had chosen it. Then got to visit after their first shots. However my breeder refused to send me photos until they were about 5 weeks. As apparently "they're boring" until then. In my opinion your paying a shit load of money for a purebred they should be able to send you some god damn photos!
    However visiting wise, its understandable if they want to wait until the puppies have had their first vaccinations as parvo can wipe out a whole litter.

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    I'm a breeder and I'd be happy to supply weekly photos and as much info as you'd like on the progress of your puppy, however I no longer work full-time.

    Puppies around the 3 weeks of age mark start to become more work for the breeder, they may also have some personal stuff on at the moment, be busy with the kids of the two legged kind, etc?

    I don't know where you're located but Sydney weather last week was awful and when you have a lot of dogs it doubles your workload.

    Sometimes when you send off photo's people start to want to know which one they are getting and or put dibs on which one they want and this can become a hassle as at 3 weeks of age I haven't even figured out which one I'm keeping yet & which one my own kids can start to set their hearts on? You can't bank on the littlest one being a certain pet as the smallest one in my recent little actually turned out to be one of the ones that I've retained for show.

    These are just some possibilities I'm putting out there.

    Normally once a puppy is sold and in the hands of their new owner I then will look back thru photos of the litter and send them pics of their puppy.

    I don't like people visiting the puppies before 4 weeks. Mostly because of health reasons and also because the puppies often sleep for long periods of time and if they arrive during sleep time that's all they'll see.
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    Its a 4 hour car trip so i cant visit easily. It seems ill just have to wait. Hopefully i get an update before we pay our deposit on the weekend.

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