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Thread: Introducing New Puppy

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    Yer, one of the most important things you can do when you have more than one dog is making sure you spend alone time with both of them and they spend time away from each other as well. You don't want them to become dependant on each other. So take them out individually, interact with them individually etc to stop any possible issues in the future
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    Hey thanxs Mac I have been giving them both separate time apart in the garden as well as outside, and my older one gets a walk in the morning while she eats and has a play. Things have started to settle a bit I have been using the command No Lick and when he obeys I reward him. I hope to show the little girl so that will give her some time away, i did intend to show him but he is a little bit too tall. Other than they get along quite well I just supervise play time because he is soo much bigger than her.

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    They are so cute!

    And Mac, I had no idea you had 7 whippets! I would love to see the zoomies in your backyard!

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    The zoomies at our place are pretty impressive, add the Borzoi and it's a sight to behold. We have fenced off 1.5 acres so plenty of room for the pack to stretch their legs.

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