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    Hey guys,

    I brought home a Maltese-Shih tzu puppy recently and he won't stop whining. He just turned 9 weeks yesterday. I understand he is missing his mum and his litter mates but every time I leave him by himself, he starts whining. Even if I leave him for for 5 seconds. When I come to him, he stops whining.

    I have to wait for him to fall asleep to be able to walk away because he watches me as he falls asleep. If I try to leave and he hasn't fallen asleep he starts to whining. Will this become into a habit or will he grow out of it?

    Also how long does it take for a puppy to learn their name?

    Thank you in advance

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    It will become a habit if you keep returning to him and paying him attention when he is whining. You need to ignore him. And you certainly shouldn't be spending all day with him just so he doesn't whine. He needs to learn to be by himself and to learn that he needs to be left alone and left to cry.

    If you leave him and he cries or whines then don't come back until he is quiet as soon as he is quiet you can verbally praise him from where ever you are and then re enter the room and give him some pats/food what ever you would like to reward him with. If you have to go out to the shops for 5 - 10 miunutes then give him something yummy to chew on.

    There was recently a huge thread on this and it has LOADS of advice and it would be pointless for me to rehash it all here, it worked for the OP of that thread. Here is it
    I suggest you read through you will find it very helpful.

    With his name best way to teach him it is to say it to him every now and then and when he looks at you give him a treat, at his age he is likely to look at you no matter what you say or what sound you make. Make sure you don't use his name to scold him or to call him to you to do something undesirable like grooming, bath time, tablets etc.
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    Ditto to the above posts.

    It's normal puppy behaviour. You have to ride thru the early weeks to be rewarded with a contented puppy.

    The primary thing you have to remember with dogs is; they exhibited a behaviour and you responded to it.

    To their way of thinking if they liked your response then they will exhibit that behaviour again in the hope of getting the same response, even escalating their behaviour (crying louder). Don't cave. Ignore the bad and reward the good.

    You may benefit from attending puppy pre-school where they should give you all the information to start off right.

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