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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    I am not sure that the fact he is getting worse is a sign you are doing the right thing. Of course it could be...OR he could just be gettign worse.

    Good luck though, that must be frustrating
    But what Mischief hasnt posted here is that he was better at lunch time today.

    Extinction burst is classic dog behaviour.

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    hahah yes I should post what followed... well I went home for lunch let Gus in and ignored his jumping up and yaps... sat down and ate my lunch (still ignoring him) by time I was finished I noticed he was sitting quietly looking at me waiting for the attention ( im not sure if this was the right move) but after I put my dishers in the sink (he was still sitting) I went over and have him a great pat and praised him.
    I then let him play with Nala in the back yard for a bit while I chilled out.. its amazing how Nala is sharing her toys I never ever EVER thought I would see Nala encourage someone to take a toy out of her mouth.
    I also did a little easy training with the pair.... Gus tends to look at Nala and copy so that makes training sit and lay down a little easier... it was time for me to go back to work, so brought Gus upstairs to the balcony and put some treats and a new toy up there, he immediatly lay on his bed and started playing with the toy, at that point I closed the door and curtain and left... he did howl for a little bit but after 15 minutes he quitetened to little whimpers..... then I had to go...

    Stage 2: when I got home after work OH dad had let Nala and gus play in the back so we came back to Gus and Nala haveing a rumble... OH and I had a training session in the gym (which is a house out the back which is predominantly glass). We went in and close the door... Gus noticed I was no longer in the back yard but behind glass he started to howl again even though he was outside and could see me... I ignored him completely after about 3 minutes he gave up and went to play with Nala a little more... in between weight reps I would go out and just stand in the back yard not responding to his excitement that I was out but waiting for him to calm down then pat him... I did this for about 40 minutes.... and by the end of it he was just so tired from playing with nala he just wanted to sleep..... I think it has been a successful afternoon.

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    Yea good job! That's fantastic

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    Yay that is fantastic. Good work after work as well you did a very good job. I bet the howling will be gone in no time at all if you keep up what you are doing

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