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Thread: Obedience Training

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    Default Obedience Training

    We take Murphy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rid**** View Post
    We take Murphy whaen we can so this is close to every week on the Monday night. It starts at 7.30pm and goes for an hour and it is only $2.00 so this is a cheap price to pay.
    One of the reasons why we take him is so he can interact with other pups of different breed and to throw a little disapline to him to. We don't ever want him to become a robot when he only works on command. We still want him to have his puppyhood.
    Well for what ever reason we have missed a couple of lessons and it really showd up at training.
    Murphy was lerching to get to some dog. but not to fight them but to play with them. So I turned him around and we walked off in the other direction. Then bought him back and he settled just a little.
    But the whole night if I had to grade it would have been a -1 out of 10.
    He was just being pigheaded about things that we know he can do but chose not to listen.
    As in the afternoon I done a short session whit him, and all was well. But add the distraction of other dogs it was all out the window.
    I think this was due to his not being there at classes and he had his happy face on which is when he listens to no one for a long time.
    By the end of the class he was quite tired and he began to listen more.
    So we will be doing our best to make sure he doesn't miss classes anymore.
    Are you training at home during the week? Because even if you can't make classes you should always be doing sessions at home...everyday.

    Also how old is Murphy now?

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    Yep I sure as
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rid**** View Post
    Yep I sure as hell are doing home training. We do a couple of under 5 minute sessions a day.
    But Murphy is so friendly and just loves other dogs and kids. So all the training at home is forgotten about. He was doing real well before we went away so he missed the company of seeing the other dogs. We know he will come good once we get him back into a routine again.
    And Murphy is actually 7 months old today.
    Bahahaha welcome to adolescents . I figured he would be around one of the "bad" ages. The worst times they go through are generally at 7 months, 9 months, 12 months and 18 months. They act like they have forgotten everything you have taught them and cause havoc. Make sure you do extra training with him and really enforce your rules over the next few weeks, he will push boundaries.

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    We well and
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    Oh dear, they can be so good sometimes and you think you can move them up a level and then they pull you A over T.

    I am still sore from an incident a few nights back.
    I took him out on lead to do poops and he was spooked by the wild deer
    (sometimes wish I had a gun) so he lurches, I slip on the dewy grass, airborne sideways and land on shoulder hear a crunch sound and shite that hurt.
    The dog just sat so I lay on the ground thinking I might just have a little rest here... then the thought of stampeding deer running over the top of me made me get up and hobble back inside. No more night walking and he can poop out in the little yard.
    I will check your albums, are there pics of Murphy now?
    Snoop is 6 and a half months today I hope he stops growing soon!

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    No new ones
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    This is Murphy here today.
    It took a little whaile as my camera was playing up and I had to work it out just what was wrong.
    Finally I got it so out I went.
    Murphy is sitting on the back veranda, being a good boy.

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    That reminds me - I lost my front attach harness - very sad - need to get a new one. Mostly for the times when Frosty forgets her manners.

    She still finds all the dogs at obedience club very exciting. And she's only allowed to greet when she can show some self control - which usually involves a lot of crawling on her part.

    We still do obedience classes each week - tho she passed grade five 2 years ago. Now we do CCD "fun class" - which involves a bit of heel work, dances with dog moves, advanced obedience moves (depending on who is instructing), and some agility.

    Frosty finds the agility stuff a bit too easy now - except when the table is too short and she can't see the point of getting on it (no improvement to the view) and argues with me loudly. first run yesterday we came a round an ark eg jump, jump, tunnel, jump, table and she jumped completely over the table. And I stood around laughing.

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    I have bought a front attach harness but its still in the box.
    I will have to use it when we go to the beach tomorrow (if its still really hot like today)
    I will make some mini meatballs tonight and take them along just in case things get really dire.

    Hey Rid, Murphy is looking so handsome - just lovely colours on him.
    He has that classic stocky build and the the star on his forehead.

    I found some pictures of my first dog, Ozzy last night.
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