We had our last official class last night, but next week is a fun night so no training at all.
We will be having the quickest dog to sit, recall, drop and the likes of that.
So should be fun.
But last night I took Murphy for the session for almost all of it.
And we had a few little things with him, more to the point where he had other thngs on hos mind.
Like how can I get over there and play with that Border Collie.

Well we done in my books a lot better last night than any night so far. So this was pleasing.
The boss seen how well he was going so she came and took over for the last couple of minutes.
Well Murphy was jumping up at her taking the laed out of her hand by jumping up to get it. Rolling around and not listening to one thing she had to say.
So I went back out there and his behaviour changed once I was back on the scene.

Any ideas on how we can get him better with the boss.
Or am I thinking to far ahead with hi as he is still only 8 months old.