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Thread: Obedience Training

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    What a gorgeous heeler Rid!
    You said Murphy started to listen when he was tired? Why not take him for a big run before class, I do that with my Kelpie x Hunterway because even though she is almost 2 and a half she is still a puppy in her mind.
    You could even arrange to meet up with the other parents at the place your class is half an hour early so the dogs can run and play and socialise before hand, a lot of the people from my dog club do that
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    This all sounds so good to do, but believe it or not there is getting less and less in each section of dogs. For some reason people are dropping off.
    The other part is out of the question as my back is one that is a genuine bad back. The wife is at work for most of these days so she needs the rest to do the classes.
    I wished I could, but I will take him out on these days and do some one on one training.
    And yes Murphy is that typical stocky Heeler. Who is and does have that cheeckness behind him.

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    I handle this issue a bit differently I train for competition, though, so feel free to ignore me if it doesn't suit your situation.

    I do no or very little exercise/training before class because I want my dog to be "up" and in drive when I am training her. I don't want her ever just "going through the motions" during training, I want her really switched on so tiring her out before class isn't what I want!

    The key for us was building a really strong relationship and reward history so that she finds listening to me more rewarding than whatever else is going on. In the early stages of training, I would get her attention then have a party! Treats, toys, running around... then it came to the point where she would voluntarily offer the tiniest bit of attention on me rather than the distraction, same thing... treats, jackpot, fun! This gradually built up to the point where she knows that paying attention to me will ALWAYS result in a reward. It may not be instant, and it may not be her favourite (food)... but it COULD be and that's enough for her to want to work

    I spent a lot of time doing embarrassing things on the local oval like yelling "PUP PUP PUP!" in a high pitched voice, or running around flailing my arms, or lying down and letting my dog crawl all over me, or other random things that made me exciting to her! She trusts that what I ask her to do is the best thing to do

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    In the training thing before classes this is well before them.
    Classes start at 7.30 pm. And I do Murphy's training at about 10am and again at about 4pm. So this wouldn't tire him out as each session is less than 5 minutes.
    I have even stopped well ahead of the time I set as I could see that Murphy didn't have his listening ears on.
    So instead of getting annoyed at him I finished them up early.

    I am doing these training sessions so I know I can hand him over to the boss and hope that he will behave in a good manner. But he is a pup so he is allowed to stuff up here and there. Well I think so anyway.

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    LoL @ Wuffles

    I spend a lot of time trying to bring my dog down before class - so she's not completely distracted trying to greet every other dog there - because she's either slightly knackered from running around or we got there early enough to get that all done before class started.

    During class when we're waiting for our turn, we do small amounts of shadow handling - running or heel work, especially the new thing - doggy dancing moves.

    This is Mary Ray doing a demo - Frosty and I can do some of this stuff but there's loads more to try to learn. So keeps us pretty busy - going backwards in circles.
    Mary Ray CRUFTS 2010.mp4 - YouTube

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    Love the clip.

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    We had Obedience training last night and Murphy was a total waste of space. All he wanted to do was pull. Didn't want to listen and overall if I had to score him he would have been a fail.
    I am letting the boss do these sessions as I have found he really is bad with her and just thinks she is a play mate to him. So her doing it might gain the respect for her that he should show her.
    I went out to take over as it was so bad but the boss told me no.
    You could say that I have got Murphy eating out of my hands but with the boss so different.
    I know he can do all the things requires of him but he won't do them an these nights.
    So we are hopeing that once he gets a little older he might start to listen to her.
    I just thought that an update on this was needed, and it goes to show that my boy ain't the perfect little one. So other here can see that this is a common problem when training pups.

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    Hi Rid,

    I suggest to take your lovely pup for a run before training... or a walk whichever is more convenient... then let him interact with the other dogs before training.
    Do you train with food or toys? Because you can use them as a distraction from the other dogs and reward... the key is to keep training light & fun... especially in a class scenario where it goes for 30-60min sessions... lots of in between plays while your instructer is talking etc...
    I hope this is of some help to you?
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    Maybe if he's so distracted at class and you do the training with him at home, handing him over to the boss may be just a bit more change than he can handle? Maybe you could agree that you do the next couple of classes and see if he listens more? And then, when he gets more used to the class environment, maybe you could let her take over for a bit at the end of the class and build on that? I know you want him to listen to her and the way I suggest might sound like it would take longer, but maybe it would work better for everyone that way.

    I'm just thinking out loud here. I know how annoying it is when they just don't seem to even hear you all of a sudden!

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    getting the boss to do the training - is like going to a new place and doing it, or introducing somethings Murhpy finds very distracting - like running screaming grand kids in the background. The more you vary the context that you do the training - and who does it - the better Murphy will be at understanding - it doesn't matter where he is or who he's with - he does what you tell him.

    Couple of recall games to play...

    Start with two people and introduce more -
    Grab Murphy's collar - say his name and say yes when he looks at you and give him a treat.

    Then get the other person to say Murhpy's name - once - and as they say his name - let go his collar, ideally just after he starts to pull towards them (restrained recalls are faster), and the other person grabs Murphy's collar - says his name again and yes and gives him a very yummy treat.

    Repeat with as many people as you have available.

    Start in a place with not many distractions and where it's easy to go get Murphy if he decides he doesn't want to come - if that happens - you might want to up the value of the treats or rewards you have.

    The collar grab is important - that the dog is comfortable with a hand swooping down and grabbing the collar and doesn't react the way an untrained dog would - ie ducking or biting.

    And this game involves two people and a hallway - not many distractions. Although you can get creative with it.

    Two people sit facing opposite each other with a bit of space - maybe 3m or 10' between (if hall allows) and the dog is between and you both have high value treats. And repeat the call once game with collar grabs.

    This will let Murphy know that the boss is worth listening to if he's getting regular short training and rewards from her.

    Frosty won't listen to my mum about anything but she never gives Frosty treats for anything. Frosty does like to lick my mum which mum doesn't enjoy all that much. Oops.

    And one more game - hide and seek - hide and call Murphy once - if he's having trouble finding you - squeak. Party when he shows up. My dog LOVES this game. Or hates it. Not sure. LOVES it at home, Freaks out when we're out. Guaranteed to get her to come tho.
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