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Thread: Dog Trained!

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    Default Dog Trained!

    Today the dog trainer came and he taught us all the things to manage him. I must say, i am very surprised on how fast he learnt. We have to persist in order to keep him like this.

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    Good on you Mason !
    Well done! Keep persisting and you'll have a perfect little buddy in no time...

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    Great news! I really hope things stay easier for you all.

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    I tired doing what he told us, it doesn't work on him anymore

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    What exactly made you think that someone coming over, performing a bunch of tricks and taking your money would work?

    You need to put in the effort and do the training yourself. Are you signed up to a dog school yet?

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    What do you mean it does not work anymore?

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    You can't just wave a magic wand and expect a perfect dog!
    Are you asking your dog to do things...or are you commanding your dog?

    I see soo many ppl ask their dog....dogs need to be commanded and if they don't do it, you physically do it..(ask them to sit...they don't, you push their butt down and say sit...then good dog ect)...don't say..sit....sit....noo, sit....ect...just one clear command, when they don't do it, then you push their butt down as I said before.

    Also, you only have a PUPPY, I have 4 kids and I can tell you now..OMG it's sooo frustrating...but that's what bringing up babies/puppies is's all a constant educational journey for them.

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    Totally agree with Ozeymum!
    Look Mason, people here have been very patient, supportive and full of brilliant advice !!! I wish I had all that when I got my first dog at 13. I spent hours in the library instead...reading all there was on puppies, training etc.
    I think It comes down to wanting something bad enough.
    Look...if your heart's not in it, you don't have the time, commitment, and patience, if you're expecting your pup to be perfect after 1 training session and getting annoyed with it again then...why did you get a puppy in the first place???

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    I agree with ozeymum and mags. It took 6 months of training for Axle to become how he is today! If there is a dog out there that can learn everything in one lesson, and remember it; I'll eat my kettle.
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    i agree. But the dog doesn't learn. We have to keep trying. If he bites his own master after taking care of him and feeding him, what has it come to? He has a bull terrier in him, who knows, maybe when he grows up, he will bite his owner so hard. You have heard it on news before...

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