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Thread: Socialisation - Need Advice

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    Thanks ChubbSecurity

    I think I would have been mortified if Frosty jumped on a sunbaker - but they don't move enough for her to find them interesting. Joggers - are a different story. We can have 100 joggers go by and jogger 101 - she chases and barks at. ARRGGGHHH.

    And I think if she thought she was getting the least bit of encouragement from me - she would nip them too. Instead - I'm running the other way trying to get her to chase me instead.

    I know she picks some because they make the same noises as angry possums. But others - I've got no idea - must be the smell of them.

    Every distraction is a training opportunity... sigh.

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    I dread taking my dog to the beach because she thinks that people only sit/lie on the ground because they want her to go jump on their laps and lick them in the face. I'm sure it makes perfect sense in her mind...

    I enjoyed reading your description Chubb and it sounds like you did an awesome job!

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    Yes, Beloz he "did a Banjo". I nearly bailed in the first 10 minutes.

    It might hark back to his puppy days, when he was little he would jump in laps and lick everyone (of course they loved it-he was a cute little tacker back then). So the rewards were huge - tons of positive attention.

    I may have to sit him in front of a mirror. He is a monster dog now.
    Maybe cute lil puppies should not go to the beach, just wait until they are a bit bigger and the cuteness wears off. My Bad.

    Shit, he has just raided the frig, packet of ham and 1/4 carrot cake gotta go!!!

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