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Thread: The Ups & Downs Of Getting a Pup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    Just thought I would pop back in after chatting to a friend who used to breed dallies... They have never had a black born deaf, but they have had 3 liver pups that have been deaf... just thought that was interesting as color seemed to play a big part with their litters.
    thats untrue, it has nothing to do with the colour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misschief View Post
    thats untrue, it has nothing to do with the colour.

    In their case it was, just an observation, I didn't state it as fact. They had several litters over the years and had no blacks born deaf and when they bred their first litter of liver and black 3 of the livers were deaf while the blacks in the same litter were all fine.

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    deafness and blindness is linked to colour in other breeds - especially the merles.

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    LOL @ some of the comments in this threat! Sorry if what I'm about to say was covered already, I skipped the last 10 pages...

    The myth that dallies are hard to train is more to do with the person training it than the Dalmatian. Both mine have excellent recalls, but then again I'm an instructor.
    Nor is the myth that deaf ones are harder to train true, my deaf dog is so much quicker at picking things up than my hearing one, or any other dog in his class for that matter.

    The number of deaf puppies in the litters are not correct, there are far less deaf puppies than one might think. Which is another reason not to put them down. We'll never get accurate figures as no breeder will admit to breeding deaf puppies, but looking at the sizes of the litters I doubt there are as many as was stated earlier in the threat.

    The myth that deafies become aggressive because they are startled is b*llsh*t. My deafie wags his tail when I startle him!

    Anyone thinking that the COE was changed to better the breed lives in dreamland.
    a) it does nothing for the breed
    b) there where reasons this was done that had nothing to do whatsoever with the breed.

    The only way the breed is going to improve is to test all breeding stock and slap a rule on the COE that only fully hearing dogs can be breed from. This would cause a big stink as it would cost members of the club money and is likely to eliminate half the breeding stock in Australia.

    What I find really sad is people who have no idea on what it's like to live with a deaf dogs repeating things they have heard others say, mostly myths & lies, and defending them as facts. Sometimes it's really better to keep quiet about something one knows nothing about than to spread the same old lies...

    Oh, and my deaf, disabled, mutated dog runs around off lead with all the other dogs at the dog park, fenced or unfenced!

    and one more thing, dogs do not communicate vocally, they use body language, therefore being deaf is not a disability at all!

    And finally, yes there aren't many suitable homes for these deaf ones, but there are people out there dedicated to finding deaf Dalmatians a suitable home, so they should be giving a fair chance. A better option would be to allow the breeders to give the deaf puppies to a suitable rescue service and let them find a suitable home.
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    Thanks for posting that. It's interesting to hear the view of a deaf dally owner.

    And it seems it as me who spread the rumour that it was 1/3 of pups born deaf. I think that was what it was ages ago and Wikipedia still has it on their page! But I had not even considered that it being much less is actually even more of a justification to give them a chance to be homed.

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    Thanks for your insight on what its like to own a deaf dallie

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    The only drawback of living with a deaf Dalmatian is that one has to get of the couch to tell them off, cause yelling at them doesn't do a thing...

    But seriously, since owning a deafie I have learnt heaps about body language, it plays a big part in our interaction even with hearing dogs. I now see that I was sending mixed messages to my all my dogs. You give a verbal command and your body says a completely different thing...

    It's heaps of fun living with a deaf dog and it's not that different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misschief View Post
    Its an unfortunate reality that Dalmatians have a very real chance of being born deaf... unfortunatly this was the case for my Chief.
    You do realise that all puppies, no matter what breed, are born deaf, right? Some just don't develop their hearing...

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