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Thread: My Puppy Hates Men!

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    Red face My Puppy Hates Men!

    So Marshalls about 7 Months now, and his fairly okay with men now, but his still very wary.

    when he was very little, he barked at men and ran away from them crying.
    We got him from a petshop, and we know the owner and he seems very nice.

    As i said, his okay with them now, he still freaks out and barks like nuts at my dad but doesnt walk away wimpering.

    Has this happened to anyone else here?
    or would you know why he was a bit funny with men?
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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    99% of dogs in pet shops come from puppy mills and the people that own them are often less than sympathetic to young dogs. So there is every chance your pup either didn't have a lot to do with men, or had a bad experience. They key is to look forward. What can you do to improve his response to men.

    1. socialise him with your male friends - ask them to ignore him until he comes up to them and then have them offer a treat. Make the situation pleasant

    2. teach people not to bend down over him - that is threatening

    3. make sure you are calm - nothing worse than a frantic owner working a dog up.

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    Thanks alot Occy, ill try that
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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    My dog got kicked in the side, hard, when she was 10 weeks old by a mover man. She's been timid ever since (10 years later).

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    My little jack russell x is a shelter dog and he has a thing about men also. When I first took him home he would go nuts as soon as a man came to the door - not a bad thing as I am female and live on my own. It did get annoying with my partner tho'. But we slowly one Ollie over with some treats. We have noticed that if a man comes to the door on his own Ollie will go ferral, if the same man comes along with female he is ok.

    My dad is a lover of little dogs but for some reason Ollie will not warm to him. Try food rewards from your special might work!

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    thanks vallela
    thankfully though marshall has warmed up to some men.
    If they walk through the door he starts barking his fluffy little head off but after he realizes its dad he settles down again.
    most men his okay with now, he likes sniffing and what not but if they put their hand out he jumps a mile. His very selective though, he loves some men and is very cautious of others...strange puppy

    anyways thanks for all your comments everyone
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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    Voice also has a lot to do with it. Most men have deeper voices than women. Some dogs find this intimidating. I had a horse who had been badly abused by men. There was only one farrier who could get near him, a little jockey sized man with a soft, almost feminine voice.

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    Is there anything in common about the men he does/doesnt like? Beards? hair colour? Clothing (Uniformed?)

    Leo acted funny with an old man walking down the street with a cane yesterday, not sure why, he hasnt ever been hit! or even seen a cane. I think as he has never seen it before and was just odd to him, people dont usually walk like that so he was extra wary/protective

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