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Thread: Puppy Diarrhoea

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    I would give her two small meals of boiled rice only - after a 12 hour fast - no food for 12 hours after the last runny poo. And for the third meal I'd add a little bit of boiled chopped chicken with the rice. But if the next poo is runny again, I'd be back to the plain boiled rice. I usually make a batch up so I'm not cooking little fiddly meals all the time.

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    Hi, Thanks for everyone's help!!! I took Molly to the vet on Monday and she turned out to have a 39 degree temperature and still and upset tummy. She was still very excitable and wanted to eat. She was on chicken and rice diet for a few days and her poo's are now back to normal. The vet gave her something to firm them and then also gave her some antibiotics and probiotics. No more Dr Harry food for her I think ill probably just start bulk buying her food online since the local pet shop don't seem to always stock her large breed puppy food. Thanks again for all of your comments

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    It is good to find out why it happened. You can rest easier now.
    I totally understand about the puppy food. As it is harder to find here for the working dog side for pups in the local supermarket.
    They have plenty of the older and miniture types of food in bulk.
    So when we see it we buy a bout 3 to 4 bags so we have enough to last us a while.

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    Hey Rid****

    I'm not sure where sunraysia is but a lot of rural supply shops like Norco that sell farming supplies usually stock bulk dog food and mainly for working dogs. I was in mine the other day and they had 115kg for $80.

    We had a runny puppy bum a week or two ago and we cut the mince right back, no yoghurt or puppy milk and used mainly rice/ pasta and dry food. It cleared up in 2 days luckily.

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    Sunraysia is in the Northwest of Victoria.
    We are on the border of NSW and it is a hour and a half drive to the SA border.

    We have got a few stock feed joints here and I think they will suppy the food we need for him.
    I will go and check them out as we just normally go to the supermarkets to get his food.
    So thank for placing that seed in my mind.

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