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Thread: Neighbours Dog Problem

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    Could you try to put down a quick note about the dog and leave it along with your phone number so that you can explain it in full.
    It sounds good but then you number is out there for him to pester you.
    So forget that idea.
    I hope that you can work this out soon.

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    I get along with my neighbours but thier little mut next door barks alot too. I'm patient with this type of thing but after a whuile i crack it and get the hose out. A quick squirt and he shuts up and bails around the other side of his house, quiet as a mouse. My neighbour is cool with it as they arnt home when he barks.

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    I dont think being chubby and having long nails is evidence the dogs are walked LOL.

    My old dog Chevy was overweight for a time and her nails were always stupidly long despite clipping, and she was walked all the time.

    Anyway, I agree, barking is annoying. We have a GR over the back that just sits outside by itself all day and soemtimes will bark the whole day long. I don't plan on saying anything though because he makes our dogs look good LOL

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    I have done the same thing with the little dog nextdoor to.
    But this was when it first arrived at his place.
    It was only ment to be tempory thing but his ex now has signed it all over to him.
    He had no idea that the dog was like it till I told him.
    Over time the dog got use to us and stopped barking at us just to go outside.

    If there is one thing that I hate it is that.
    I don't mind a dog barking but when it is barking at you in your own yard.
    No way. So I hosed the little thing off and this worked for that day.
    But the more it got to know us the better it got.

    Now it barks when he leaves it and I also told him about that and he has done something about it.
    So talking can work just depends on the neighbour.

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