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Thread: Updates on My Pup/situation.

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    Default Updates on My Pup/situation.

    Hi guys,

    You might remember me you might not.

    about 3 months ago I got a lil pup, who is now I guess not really a pup anymore, he's 5 1/2 months old..

    I am in a situation where I had my partner leave and work full time so pup was on his own (still is) all day long..

    Things have been up and down but at the end of the day I love him heaps and we are doing very well.

    He gets so much love when i'm home and he gets 2 big walks every day without fail, he's a very good natured sweet boy and he never barks or makes noise for the neighbours.


    As far as i've come, I still have some major frustrations..

    Toilet training:

    Because he's inside so much (apartment) I was using news paper all over the floors for a long time..and let me tell you I got SICK SICK SICK of my house smelling like pee and poop, I can still even faintly smell it now sometimes.. YUCK.
    So I had enough of that and removed all the paper except for a small spot in the laundry for him to go during the day when i'm at work.
    And I started (when i'm home) repeditively taking him out every 15 minutes to the grassy patch outside.
    He's been going there pretty well for about a month now although he still has accidents, and it's incrediblely frustrating because I have to CONSTANTLY watch him/his behavior.
    NOW I know my situation is not ideal, but I am trying as hard as I can..
    And yes sometimes when he has an accident it's my fault because I didn't catch him before hand.
    For example this morning I let him out of his crate and because I was very tired (up all night for work) I just let him play with his toys next to my bed while I tried to snooze *never happens* because he won't leave me alone(another problem I have but i'll get to that)
    Before I know it he trots into the bathroom and starts peeing on the bathroom mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I know I should have gotten up straight away after letting him out and taken him outside.
    BUT, he always goes on the paper in the bathroom, and all of a sudden randomly every now and then he'll just go randomly on the rug, or on the's so frustrating, it only happens around 5% of the time but it means I have to constantly watch him just to make sure he doesn't go in the house/where I don't want him to.
    Not to mention if I take him to a friends house, he'll just go wherever because he's not used to it there, and if I put a load of paper down in their house it'll take him forever to start using it..
    Needless to say it's a CONSTANT battle.

    This ties in with my other problem,
    Because of toilet training/him being left alone/chewing.. I have to watch him every second i'm around.
    And I mean every second..
    I can't let him roam free in the mornings if I want to sleep in because he's constantly jumping up on my bed wanting my attention, bringing his chew toys onto my bed (yuck) and or wanting me to constantly hold the chew toy for him while he chews it......(literally nearly all the time).
    If I don't attend to him constantly or do this he'll either..
    Pee in the wrong place
    Chew something or jump to chew something or bug me until I play with him.

    What am I doing wrong??????????????????????????????

    I know that the fact i'm attending to him constantly is part of the problem, because he expects that I will....but I don't really have a choice.

    If I want to sleep in I basically have to lock him in the laundry and go to the spare bedroom for an hour or two..
    If not he'll whine and carry on (I don't let him out if he does this but he doesn't seem to learn that whining wont get him let out...he still does it regardless)

    While I know he's still young and our situation isn't ideal and he IS doing well.. these few things are driving me somewhat nuts..
    Normally i'm fine but if i'm tired or depressed it makes it very stressful when he behaves that way.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hey RaeRae.

    Sounds like a typical pup - driving you crazy! But like you said, he is still young so he is still learning.
    I feel for you, because i have a hard enough time with my dogs but we live in a house with a decent sized yard for then to run around in.
    Not sure what breed your pup is but just be careful your not walking him too much. Too much exercise is not good for a growing pup. Two walks a day is fine, just make sure they're not too long or on too much hard ground (footpaths).

    With the toilet training problems, some dogs pick it up real quick and others don't. Our first dog would pee on command and would wake us up if he needed to go out or paw the back door. But then we trained our rotti the same way but he won't pee on command. Depends on the dog sometimes.
    Our rotti is now 2 years old and can stay inside overnight for 12 hours before needing ( i should say WANTING) to go out to the toilet. But we keep him off the carpet because he sometimes pees on it. I think it's the feel of the carpet, or rugs that makes him think it's grass therefore it's ok to pee there! I dunno.

    I think you're giving him too much attention for the wrong things. I know it's because you feel guilty for leaving him, but he needs attention in the right way. If he pees in the wrong place then put him in the laundry for 5 minutes, then try again.
    I think you should also only need to take him outside every hour or so, not every 15 minutes.
    Limiting his water will help too, if he doesn't have a constant supply then he won't constantly pee!

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Jess,

    You know it's funny, sometimes it's so hard and sometimes it's so easy..

    Last night I went home and was very structured,

    As soon as I got there I took him to his pee spot and he went.

    Fed him his dinner and had him "secured" in the kitchen with me until I noticed he was a bit antsy and hanging around the door, so I took him down to the spot straight away and he pooed,

    Then when I was relaxing in my bedroom watching TV I ignored him when he was jumping on the bed (secretly keeping an eye on him).. and eventually he'd stop jump up and go and play with a toy.

    Then Bed time into his crate,

    7AM in the morning he was whining and biting/scratching at the crate door..I didn't "SHHH" him (which normally shuts him up for a while) I just waited, and waited and waited.. and eventually he shut up and I let him out.

    Straight away I put him on the lead and took him down to his spot and he peed.
    Then I put him back in my bedroom while I tried to snooze again and eventually I did after ignoring him playing around me..

    Sometimes things just go perfectly..

    I think that no attention is good as you say unless I'm initiating it..
    It's just hard to do that but also keep an eye on him at the same time.

    I can't wait for the day when I look back on this and laugh..

    BTW - he lost a little tooth last night, so cute!

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    Just keep up a routine and stick with it. You'll have good and bad days even when he is an adult (i know i still do with my boy)!


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    I'm no expert but my heart goes out to you! Just persevere and I am sure things will improve. Sounds like you are trying hard to do the right thing.

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    Thanks guys for the support,

    Oh gosh......

    This morning i'm SO frustrated.

    I just don't understand it, he's just all of a sudden become so random..

    All of yesterday afternoon and night he just kept peeing on the carpet, he did it about 5/6 times,
    That's really unusual,
    Then i'd take him down to the grass and he wouldn't go, i'd lead him on there and it's almost like he didn't know what to do, just stood there and then would try to walk off like we were going on a walk.
    I got up this morning and put him in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready and there's newspaper down in there that he'll normally go on if he has to...
    As SOON as I let him out of the bathroom I turn my back for 2 seconds and turn back and he's behind the couch peeing..
    OH I could have just cried..
    It's like he's just flipped out.
    Nothing has changed in our routine..

    It's really starting to wear me down,
    Yesterday night I had to watch him EVERY second and even that wasn't enough because I think he sensed it and was trying to wait until I was out of sight to pee cause I yell at him when he does it (not the best I know but it's really just a rote reaction when I catch him doing it)

    I really REALLY don't want to have to take away his freedom when i'm home and crate him, I want us to be able to play together and let him roam around the room we're in (Plus I just feel awful crating him, I really feels so cruel except for at night because he's sleeping anyway)

    Anyways.. there's my gripe for today..

    So depressed.

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