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Thread: Dog Crates

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    In case my description doesn't make sense (likely, although I know what I mean lol) here is a quick drawing I did to explain lol.

    Make sure you give them lots of toys and fun things to keep them occupied as well. Although as young pups they will most likely sleep a fair bit.

    And here is a link to somewhere to buy puppy play pens from for a decent price.
    24" 8 Panel Pet Dog Puppy Enclosure Exercise Play Pen | eBay

    Leaving pups all day unattended in a backyard can be dangerous, if they are in the backyard they should still be confined to an area which you have puppy inspected to make sure there is nothing for them to hurt themselves with. I have heard some seriously disturbing stories of puppies dying because they have been left unattended in backyards.

    And here is a link to some youtube videos on puppy confinement that might come in handy.
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    I agree with the general notion that 7 hours is too long to be left in a crate. It will teach them that it is ok to desicate where they sleep.. which wouldnt end up very well in the long run.. for anyone! K&P's idea is really good and well thought out. Seperate areas for sleeping, eating and toileting are essential.
    They will also need a lot of entertainment toys and you will have to spend seperate bonding time with each of them every day - otherwise they can become dependent on eachother not on you (this is the reason it is generally not reccommended to buy two puppies at once).

    Having said this, Japanese Spitz are adorable and cant wait to see some photos!

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