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Thread: What Breed is This Puppy

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    Such is Life
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    Are you going to charge board? To be recouped in odd jobs that need doing around the place?

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    Naw. We will love her for what she is.
    And I better add that she is a quick learner to.

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    She truly is adorable.

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    That she is, we think she isa show stopper but I think all Grandies think the same thing.
    Wait till you see the younger one.
    Now that one is a little fighter. She at 18 month has already pushed big sis off me bewcause she wanted me all to herself.
    But it was so cute.

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    nawwww I can't wait to be a grandma ♥

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    Such is Life
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    I love the GWAMPS number plate!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rid**** View Post
    To be totally honest with everyone I think this is what I was put on this planet for.
    My girls have got no father in their lives. And this is due to them not wanting to stand up an be men.
    So it has been my role to be the sort of father while all the time being Gramps to them. it isn't to hard doing the role of main male figure in their lives. At least I know I am showing men in a good light to them.
    And I also have got my number plates on my ute like this GWAMPS. The one with the M was already gone so this was as close to it as I could get.
    I feel proud while driving about with these on.
    One thing about little ones is watch the credit cards as they do take a beating.
    Then i salute you Rid. From a fello single parent, let me remind you.
    For all the years you had to listen to how tired the couples were with kids, when you'd of killed for someone to watch them whilst you have a 30 minute soak in a tub, but never had the luxury.
    For all the years when you went without, but ensured there was oodles of love, if not luxury for the kids. These days are your rewards.
    I love the number plate.

    You have much to be proud of.
    This is the single parent. The real single parent. Not the bullshit, denegrated female that is portrayed by society. But fantastic parents, doing the full time work of 2. Day in, day out, year in year out. Decade in, decade out.
    Till they bring YOU their pups to look after.
    Life is sweet.
    You have many riches and just reward now for all those harder years.

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