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Thread: Toys!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    I buy my dogs new toys every 2 or 3 weeks and they just go into the pile with the rest.

    Barneys fave toy is Pippi's kong. I think because he can put the whole thing in his mouth and make it squish which he cant do with his own.

    Pippi's fave toy is a rope that we call her "angry toy". She gets it every night and then runs round "killing" it and snarling at it.

    When Pippi was a littly (well littler than she is now) she had this ugly bird thing with rope wings and legs. She used to take that everywhere with her. It slowly got destroed and eventually it was just a scrap of cloth...she loved it so much that I left it with her until it was about the size of a 50 cent piece and then I thought it was time it went in the bin LMAO
    Lol Lala, Pippi certainly got your money's worth with that toy lol

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    Poppy has heaps of toys, but believe it or not, her favourite is a yellow tennis ball, and one of those rubber squeaky chickens, she carries them around everywhere with her.
    Rope toys, pink tennis balls, lemons, boyfriends thongs, expensive horse riding boots, and door mats get destroyed in a matter of seconds.

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    our gsd loves his red frisbee.
    our pup loves: anything and everything in her path.

    I buy 2nd hand babies soft toys for 50c at charity shops.
    I use old coke bottles filled with stock in summer thrown into garden
    I have an old tyre hung in a tree.

    But the best toy use ive had in any of my dogs was Kevin the masochistic rottweiller, who loved his cat climbing stand. He's hold it by the rope part, and bash himself over the head with it, then attack it back. But Kevin was a very 'special' dog if you get my drift lol

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    Just thought I would share our experience with toys ...

    We have been very impressed with every toy we have purchase Olly from JW Pet. Their Chompion's make a great chew toy, as do their Bopperoo's. What is better is that they smell like vanilla. Olly goes crazy for them. We picked up some great deals on eBay.

    I will have to check out a few more Kong toys which people have recommended also.


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