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    Hi All,

    We have a beautiful labrador puppy, Bulla, who is the best little dog in the world. He is only 5 months old and last week started showing abnormal neurological signs. He could not hold himself up properly and struggled to toilet himself, which is very unlike him.

    They are now saying he has Neospora and is on anti -biotics but it is a slow recovery.I just wanted to know whether any of you have had a puppy/dog who has suffered from this parasite?

    I just feel completly helpless and just want him to get back to being a puppy :-(

    Many thanks

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    I think I had a colleague whose dog suffered from this. It was a slow recovery, but he dog did fully recover.

    It must be quite distressing to see your pup like that.

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    How horrible for you, Nicky11

    I did a bit of a google and according to
    Neospora & Toxoplasma in Dogs

    The dog has to eat raw meat from an infected herbivore eg sheep or cow that has eaten contaminated food ie hay that has been crapped on by an infected dog.

    Is it possible that meat sold at the butcher or supermarket for humans could carry this? Does cooking it stop the infection?

    Do you or your vet have any idea how your puppy could have picked up this parasite?

    Almost always the first thing I think after "how horrible for you" is "how do I prevent my dog getting it?".

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    Thanks so much for that piece of information. Unfortuneatly there is so little reading material on this parasite as it is so rare. I think I have read the same artivles over and over again.

    We got Bulla from a reputable breeder in Grafton and I remember seeing a cow on the property? However we used to feed him frozen brisket bones. When speaking to the neurosurgeon she told me it comes from the mothers womb however reading up on the parasite it could come from other sources?

    He is going for a check up today to the animal hospital so please god she sees a little progression.

    Apparently there is no vaccine for this parasite however if you see any signs ie. unsteady on feet, leaning to one side or circling around go to your vet immedietly.

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    I guess the raw brisket bones are a possiblity. I know that freezing doesn't always kill other similar parasites. Ew.

    And I'd be particularily worried about meat sold for pet food as it doesn't need to meet the same standards as human food. Though I imagine since humans don't get the parasite, maybe its ok to sell meat that carries the parasite to humans. I don't know.

    PS if the breeder was feeding raw, that might be a source too. But I think it unlikely ie the puppy would have shown symptoms much sooner than 5 months.
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