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    Well I hate to say this but I actually done my nut today with Murphy.
    He was at fault but so were our 2 grandies, both girls.
    Well Murphy has got toys to play with inside, but decided as all young ones do that the other ones are better.

    I was on my own with the gorls and this does take a lot out of me.
    And to see him with the toys in his mouth just was the ticket to push me.
    I told him off real bad and while I was doing it I began to think.

    Why is he in trouble when the girls are the ones leaving these thing's on the floor.

    So I told them that this was the last time he was going to be in trouble for that and it was now them who have to pick up thier toys.

    And after that things went way smoother and I think Murphy understood cause I told him he was not going to be in trouble for that again.

    Gee I was so mad at myself for doing this but when I have got heaps of back pain and no one else at home to help things do get smudged. And the thinking leaves for a while. But I will never tell him off like that again and this is a promise.

    In the end Murphy was getting patted by the youngest one who is a little scared of dogs in general, so I think things may be a lot better now.

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    We all lose it sometimes. And dogs are very forgiving (like small kids).

    I've warned my 6yo that if she leaves toys lying around - or doesn't close her bedroom door - they will get chewed by the dog and that it will be her fault.

    So far she's only lost one big stuffed rabbit (you should've seen our yard!) and one little plastic animal. She didn't dare to complain about it!

    But it's much easier if they're your own kids. If the grandkids allow the pup to destroy their toys, you might get into trouble too!

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    Take a deep breath......i am sure Murphtser will survive. ACD's are tough.
    Sound like a good plan though
    Pets are forever

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    I did take that so called big deap breath and yep it is a good way to clear your head.
    I honestly hated doing it and this is why I posted it.
    I want people to know that no one is always so level headed that they don't loss it.
    We are human and we all make mistakes but we have to learn from them, is what i think this all means.

    Murphy was back to his normal self quick and the girls picked up their crap. So the house got a quick clean up. Which it what was all had to be done in the forst place.

    It was clean before they got here but some how stuff got out of the bedroom to the lounge. And Murphy was the one that paid the biggest price. Like I said not anymore, he will not be getting into trouble.

    Thanks for the understanding to.

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    Don't beat yourself up Rid. We all do it at times then regret it.
    Welcome to the world of dogs.
    What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine too.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I am actually doing that as you have said by beating myself up.
    And this is the reason to post it.
    I just want people to know I am far from prefect, but I am willing to listen and understand.
    I think with age and kids that can run rings around you and the other is always wanting you to pick her up. All while your back is killing you sometimes things get a little too much.
    But we promised the daughter if she got a job to make a future for her and the girls we would look after the girls when needed.
    But this when needed is more than we thought it would be, and yes she is taking full advantage of it.
    I love them all and would never say no.
    So I made the bed and now I have to live in it. Which is something I have said to the daughter on more than a couple of times.

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    Hey Rid, I have a bad back too. Chronic bone condition. And I am a single mother. I had to tell my daughter often that I couldn't carry her or can't play rough and tumble games with her. She accepted it and doesn't love me any less for it.

    It's totally ok to be a bit "selfish" around kids. They need to learn to take others' needs into account from an early age. That's my view anyway.

    So maybe you could tell your granddaughter a bit more often that she has legs to stand on and walk with and that you are not her personal transport? It will save your back and your mood and it will encourage her to be a bit more independent.

    You can't please everyone all the time!

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    The oldest is now 6 while the little one is 18 months, and just loves to be with me over and above Nanny.
    She will walk right past her to get to me.
    So with her it is a little difficult with her but the oldest is now understanding that I can't do certain things and she is so grown up for her littla age.
    And Ihave never had problems with her.

    I just went out and got back home and the youngest was in her High chair when I got home. As soon as she seen me she did her best to call me Gramps. It comes out grunts, but I know what she is trying to say. Then she begins to giggle and has only eyes for me.
    So yer it is a little hard with her.

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    Dont stress about it dude....I have gone apeshit at my dogs plenty of times. They get over it before I get over the fact Ive gone nuts at them LOL

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    Thanks for that.
    I am still beating myself up a little but not as bad as yesterday.
    We had the girls again today but the boss was home to do a fair bit.
    And not once did Murhpy get in trouble for chewing toys that belonged to the girls.
    I calmly said to him Thank You and he gave it to me.
    Oh yer was say Thank You instead of drop it or let go or what other words people use.
    I just like that better as it sound much more polite. And it works for us.

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