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Thread: Runt of the Litter.

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    Thanks Newfsie.
    Socialising this pup is the most important thing to me too. Seeing the Breeders 5 fully grown Mastiffs and spending about 20 minutes with them was a good reminder how powerful these dogs can be. The last thing i want is 50kg of trouble and i have a point to prove to my parents who are concerned the new dog will be to protective of us and wont be friendly towards them or thier shihtzus. While these BM's did look intimidating they where so friendly, real gentle giants and they didnt know me from a bar of soap. I have planned for my parents to visit, and the neighbours to bring thier dogs over 10 days after his vacination shots and also have a puppy kindy class lined up aswell.
    I really want to get this right.
    I spoke to my wife and kids over dinner and we will definently be getting the little fella, although i just realised we have to wait a extra week as i had my dates mixed up.
    Thanks for the link and i'll have a good look at your pictures of your dogs too, from what i have seen already they look like very clever and well looked after big dogs.

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    I am very lucky as i am a Dog trainer/people trainer at our Kennel Club, where dogs have to be vaccinated. I took katy from 8 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday and some Sundays. She met lots of people/dogs. She had only had her one lot of vaccinations at first. We had her on daily Vit C and Vit E plus Kelp and Manuka Honey. All to help her keep healthy. I will always do this. Katy is a very happy social dog, loved by all kids and other dogs. Even known aggressive dogs are more relaxed with her. It was a lot of effort to meet and great so many.
    Also to add.........I do not let my dogs of lead to play with all dogs. I teach my dogs to be polite on lead and there are only a few select dogs they go off lead for. Not to protect other dogs from mine, but to protect my dogs from rude obnoxious or aggressive dogs. I like controlled environments. I like for people to have their dogs on lead and allow the meetings initially. And if they get on well, sometimes have a select group play. But I still like to keep it low key.
    This is even in my puppy classes, I don't like puppies playing rough with one another. I like to select puppies to play and get them get a little tired before some play. And I stop really assertive rough play to some quieter puppies. As this is a good way to spoil it for those quieter pups. If you allow free play with a lot of puppies you are doing the same as letting a class of three year olds teach one another. Someone needs to be in charge of them
    I also like to have an older dog in my classes, like my Tessa, who teaches the pups what they are allowed and not allowed.
    Anyway good luck and keep us updated, I love puppies, need lots of pictures too
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    Pets are forever

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    I don't think that a pup being the quite one is a bad thing as it might be the thinker of the bunch.
    And happy in itself so he doesn't see the need to push in.
    When we got Murphy there was 4 pups. 2 were with black ey patches one both eyes and 2 grey faced ones. Both of them ones had a male and a female in them.
    When the pups were let out they didn't rush over to anyone but sort of scattered so I just thought that they didn't have that much of human contact.
    But Murphy was to me the most solid one of them.
    And we found out that the rut in this letter was attacked badly by those left behind and she was such a nice looking girl.
    But to us they all had a quite nature about them and no one was a stand out in their personallity it just came down to what I was looking for and murphy wasn't it but he was once I seen him.
    If you feel comfortable with the choice it has to be right.

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    I'm a big advocate of socialising puppies from a very young age and am prepared to take the risk.

    Its my personal choice to risk health over risking temperament. If I didn't the chances of rocking up to their first show with 1500 entries, announcements over the loud speaker, trolleys, umbrellas, dogs of all shapes and sizes etc may be too overwhelming.

    From 6-8 weeks my puppies will be put in a crate and taken to the local shopping village where I shall open the sliding door of the van so they can hear, smell & see the sights and sounds of the busy shopping centre and people normally always come over to speak to me about them.

    We also get in lots of visitors during that period too, the more the better.

    At 8 weeks of age they go to the obedience club and suck in more sights and sounds and start to mingle.

    I've always had a soft spot for the littler ones in a litter, luckily with Whippets it's often the smaller ones you are after, though sizes often can swap and change up until they are over a year old dependent on breed.

    It's also good to be advised by the breeder on personality type. Because a lot can be determined by which puppies have just woken up from a sleep and are full of energy or those that have just run out of energy. So many times I've had people say I want to take this one because he wants to just curl up in my lap - "he/she chose me", so many times I tell them had they arrived 20 minutes earlier you would of seen him/her running like a looney and it would of been one of the others that was ready to find a nice soft lap to curl up in.
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    [QUOTE=newfsie;137626] I go with the belief where I think it is more important to socialise your puppy then worry about all the vaccinations (watch me flame!)

    Sod the vaccinations, socialise, socialise, socialise. You have the rest of the dogs life to vaccinate, only 16 weeks to socialise.

    So many dogs lives would be saved if people prioritised in this manner.

    I do vaccinate, but that's a choice i have to make, if i wish to take the dog to dog parties. If i did not work with other dogs so often, id not vaccinate.
    Each to their own.
    Me and my kids are not vaccinated. But we dont require a certificate of vaccination to stay in hotels. Just to send them to school. In which case, i lie. and say they are vaccinated.

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