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    Well today as most will know it is Fathers Day.
    I got great present from the littlies and the sone and daughter.

    But what I noticed today was something someon had put in a thread somewhere here. It was bacically saying that a pup will go from a well trained pup to a pain in the butt for a short time then go back to its normal self.

    Well this can also go for kids as our youngest girls is normally real good when it is just us 2. But today we had he 6 year old sister but she was watching tv most of the time. So this shouldn't be why.

    The why is this she was just into everything that she knows she isn't allowed to touch. I had to keep telling her off from doing it and no sooner had I replaced it she had it again.

    Never has she ever done this. But it got me thinking that I read something close to this and thought why not let everyone know that pups and kids are so close in their behaviour that it isn't funny.

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    Yep. Give them an inch and they take a mile.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    If im really honest....

    Id say dogs are so much more rewarding, and easier to train.

    House training:
    My pups take roughly, 2-3 days to house train. My son took 4 yrs, my daughter took 5 months, my youngest is still wetting the bed occasionally.

    Basic obedience:
    Takes about 3 months in a dog, roughly about er, well im still waiting i think for the kids? Is 27 too late for my son do you think?

    I find traffic light system we have in this house works for both kids n dogs equally well:
    You are only allowed in the room i am in if you are either in the green or amber zone. Get in to the red zone, and you're OUT. lol

    I agree, just coz your teenager is smoking pot, sleeping around, being a general cool stud like dude, does not mean he's gonna be a criminal drug addict spreading STI's as a adult. Thank god!
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    Yeah but you can keep your teenage kid well supplied with condoms and get him to do a first aid course so he can help himself or his mates when they get into trouble. There are a significant number of kids that end up in hospital or worse - from alcohol poisoning or drunken car accidents, it would help a few more of them grow up to be responsible adults if more of them knew basic first aid and when to call the ambulance.

    About the kid - need to distract and switch and balance that with attention. Ie have some toys or treats that are rarely available therefore high value, and use for reward when kid leave the bad thing alone. Don't draw attention to the bad thing or back chaining will occur where the kid/dog knows that to get the good stuff - must do something naughty.

    Randomly reward good behaviour - without waiting for something that needs stopping.

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