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Thread: Double Dosing???

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    Default Double Dosing???

    So as some of oyu know, I have changed treatment plans for fleas etc due to our move to Brisbane.

    What I thought I ordered was:

    Heartgard - for heartworm
    Advantix - for fleas and ticks
    Drontal All Wormer - for...omg...worms LOL

    What I got was those but instead of just Heartgard, I got Heartgard plus.

    Heartgard plus does heartworm, plus hookworm and whipworm I think (2 types of worms anyway).

    What drontal does it the same two worms, plus about 3 others including tapeworm etc.

    Now, if I give the dogs the Heartgard and the Drontal, are they going to be getting a double dose of the worming for the hookworm and whipworm and is that going to have adverse affects?

    I will be rining the vet but it keeps not happeneing coz busy packing so just thougbt Id see what peeps here say at th emoment

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    We were told at puppy preschool that double dosing won't have any adverse effects. That it's better to double dose than to underdose anyway.

    You should look into something like Sentinel that covers all of the above things instead of having 3 or 4 different products.
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