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Thread: Puppy Classes

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    I thought that taking Murphy to the vet one was a little dangerous, but when it is the only one you have to got there. Yes a lot of animals go there are sick.
    But then while we were there they actually said something that made me think.

    They said taking your dog to puppy classes here is only showing your pup that this is a vets yes but not all the time bad thing's happen. It actually relaxes your dog going there over these 4 weeks. So when you have to go your pup will know that it has had good experience there and not a negitive one.

    So I thought that this was right. And I know when I took Murphy for his 1st injection I sat inside as I wanted him to be in there and feel relaxed and it has turned out this was a good thing I done for him.

    Then at puppy class there was 2 pup that bunged on their brakes as they didn't want to go in so this will help them as they get older.
    it is only a thought that they said to us all and I tend to think it is right, but I still would have rathered a place to go where they wern't exposed to sickness.

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    It is good to get your dog used to the vet.....I take all my rescues to the vet once a week for about a month. They get nothing done, except weighed and treats from the girls at the counter. So it works even for older dogs.

    I give my pups Vit C as one of their additives, it will help with possibly catching anything, such as a strain of Kennel cough.

    I still prefer my puppy classes on clean ground. But sometimes you have no options.
    Pets are forever

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    I have just found out that our local petstock do puppy classes.
    And they take pups up to 6 months old. So after this I might go there also.
    While I do that I know I will be in Obedience Training at the same time.
    Just want the lad to be as comfortable with other dogs as much as I can.

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    I plan on starting puppy preschool ASAP . My vet is setup in what could be described as a small animal hospital. Its fairly new and very clean and very well set up. As i'm still about 4-5 weeks away from bringing him home i called in to have a chat with my vet about the classes and they gave me a brochure to take home.
    My main goal is to get him socialising with all types of dogs as i'm concerned that a 40 plus Kilogram Bullmastiff could cause some damage to other dogs when he grows up and my parents visit with thier 2 shitzu's often. The classes go for 4 weeks.
    Week 1= Socialising and training, The family pack structure, discipline, training tips, toilet training, sit command and toys.
    Week 2= Heartworm, Intestinal worms, doggy dillemas( digging, barking, biting, jumping)
    and the stay command.
    Week 3= Diet and nutrition, fleas and ticks, lay command.
    Week 4= Grooming, dental care, micro chipping, desexing, hospital tour, graduation and further dog obedience.
    The only requirements are he must be between 8 and 14 weeks and must have his first vaccination. They accept any sized pup. Supervised children are welcome. Cost is $44.
    I guess its a lot to do with training the owner and the dog. I'm really looking forward to it and hope to learn heaps.

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    We have got 4 lesson and I think the structure is close to what you have got going.
    Though we have to pay $80 for all the lessons, making it a $20 a lesson.
    We were lucky to get Murphy in as he has just turned 16 week which at 15 weeks is the cut off point.
    Murphy was still at 15 week at the 1st session so we scraped in by less than a week.

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    I took my girl to puppy classes at the vet for that reason.
    When i take her for her checkups and shots etc now, she loves the place and i
    never have a problem taking her.

    Ours was the same setup as yours rid. I have had dogs in the past that have hated the vet and a pain to take in. So from
    my experience, it was well worth it.

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    I have never had to problem getting the dogs we have owned into the vets as I am relaxed and they feel that.
    The only time I tence up is injection time. Just can't watch them at all.

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    Lesson 2 was last night and Murphy was a little better behaved with the other dog or pups there.
    But they didn't get to have a romp around like last week.
    What we did do was go into the room where the get the pets ready of operations.
    In there they had these things for the pups to walk on and they had all different textures on it.
    Then there was a small type of bridge which I think was a little too narrow, and after that there was a small tunnel to go through.
    The wife took him first and he only just do it for her with treats.
    Soon all the pups had done the walk and not one backed of which I thought was real good.
    So then I took him over it all again and he just followed me with only slight readjustments to him. And we done it all with no treats.
    So I was real pleased that he done it all.
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    Lesson 3.
    We arrived a little early , but soon others turned up.
    Murphy was so happy to see them that he is doing the excitement piddle.
    The calss was all to do with the feeding of our young ones. And we got a good repot card on it. The only real thing we have to change is the amount of wet food we mix in with the dry. They said it should be three quarters of dry. So we will make the adjustments .
    We were then taken into the cubicals where the pets are inspected and like where they are given their injections and they each wre put on the table to see their reactions to being up there.
    After we all went back out to the sitting room where the classes are held and told this story.
    It is about a St Bernard that was only fed chicken.
    For some reason which was not told to us they bought the pup in which was 1 year old and had to x-ray it.
    They found that one of its legs were broken so they booked the dog in to plate and scew the break. Well where the screw went in the lag bone shattered around it and that is all we were told.
    I don't know if the dog was put to sleep but what was said was that this was a big breed and needs proper nutition to make healthy bones and this was a class where this was not liistened to.
    So like I said I don't know what happened to it but I don't think it would be good news anyway.
    What we have to do for next week is what I have got Murphy doing now. So I will just continue with my own program with him.

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    Well last night was the last of puppy classes.
    Murphy as all the pups graduated from it.
    We were shown some of the nasties that dogs get like in the worrms and things like that. It was interesting to see and also some of the things that dogs just eat and have got no way of passing them.
    One image showed the dogs insides and there was nothing. but the dog in question kept getting worse so they operated on it and it was lucky as it had a wooden skrewer inside of it and was doing a lot of damage. They said that thin wood like that doesn't show up on xrays.
    So all in all I was quite happy with the full 4 weeks. Would I do it again. Yes I think I would.
    More so we can get our pups to be more social with other dogs.
    We are booked in to Dog Obedience on Monday night, so I am looking forwards to seeing how well he goes at this.

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