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Thread: She'll Be Alone Now

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    I have done it yes.
    Whether they comprehend or not or see the body just as a carcass I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog_Lover View Post
    I would never do that, though I am no dog phychologist or anything but I think that would either do more harm then good or just be plain unessesary.
    Sorry, I totally disagree.........Animals also need to know where the other animal went/is. When we have to PTS a dog or horse, we always leave the PTS animal where the others can see it. especially with mares and foals this is very important. Mares will whinny for their foal for days if it is just taken. But if left, they hang around initially and just leave after a few hours.

    We do the same with our dogs, last was Tobias, all our dogs sniffed him for a while...Annabelle laid beside him for about an hour and then left. they never looked for him again. It was very depressing for us to do though......

    Patricia McConnell also recommends it in her writings

    We have had one dog who was destitute when her friend was PTS. Tessa, could not accept that we no longer had Zacky, even though she saw him dead. She stayed with his grave for weeks. It was the first time we had that happen, they did have an extremely close bond. She was five weeks when he started to look after her, until two years old.

    So because of Tessa, I have slightly changed my mind as to how animals bond.
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    Dont be sorry Love! Your post actually reminded me of years ago my dad had a ridgeback female who had a little of pups which all got parvo. He Only had given all the pups away the day before. Anyway, he had one puppy left the day the parvo hit and literally this pup was fine in the morning, dead within about 8 hours.

    Dad burried the pup in the backyard and the mother hept digging it up and sleeping with it. He even burried it out the front yard and she scaled a 6ft colourbond fence to dig it up.

    It was very sad specially cause I was only about 13 and found the unburried rotting body one day.

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    Exactly what Newf said .
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    My other dog is lonely I think. She just doesn't look happy. I give her kong's and have taken her out heaps but she just sits at the back door now with no friend to play with. I know dogs aren't people so maybe they don't get lonely but it is making me sad seeing her 'upset'.

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    I think dogs do have feelings, do notice changes, miss their friends and are pleased to see them again etc. So it will take a little while for your puppy dog and yourself to get over the absence and adapt to new routines.

    Maybe you could organise some play dates for her with other puppies or friendly dogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alacrityvirtue View Post
    Is it wise to show the remaining dog the dog once it has been put down so she knows it has died?
    I believe it is. it shows them what has happened to their mate and they understand rather than their mate just disappearing one day.

    there is a thread about this somewhere else but don't have the energy to look for it but when my older dog died we showed the younger one what had happened. she grieved for a few weeks but got over it.

    before this though the older dog needed to stay at the vets for a day and my girl howled the whole day because she couldnt find her mate.
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    i guess that is not a big problem just give some time .

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