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Thread: When is a Puppy Not a Puppy Anymore?

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    Default When is a Puppy Not a Puppy Anymore?

    I am just wondering if there is a standard age that a puppy is no longer a puppy or is it different for each breed because the mature differently?

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    Different breeds mature differently. If you mean growth wise, small breeds such as Chihuahua's etc are usually fully grown by 6 to 10 months. Medium breeds such as Beagles, Kelpies etc are usually fully grown by 12 to 18 months and some of the Giant breeds, Newfoundlands can take up to 2 years to fully finish growing. Even so it may take even longer for them to fill out.

    And if you mean personality-wise some dogs never fully mature and can act like puppies forever yet some can mature very early!

    I hope this helps

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    Yep completely agree with Lexie, there's no standard definition, it depends on the breed.

    In dog show terms all breeds are out of the puppy class when they turn 12 months old, but that is not an accurate measurement of maturity.

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    Yes my 24month old newfie is still a puppy.....She is still growing and very much a puppy at heart, especailly in the dog social structure
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    I said Ruby was no longer a pup when she got her first period haha Which was about 9 mnths old.

    She is nearly 15 months old and i would say she is deffinately out of puppy stage. Thou I have met dogs much older then her that still have that puppy personality.

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    rag dolls are kittens to there 4 years old cats
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    Before we got Murphy we looked at getting a Bullmastiff.
    We done all the reseach and found a breeder that was on our way to Adelaide.
    We were going to visit our sone so we done the visit thing on the way.
    Well the owner of these Mastiff's said that these do not mature until after 18 months.
    Then they have got all the filling out to do.

    I liked this question as I find it quite relivant to me at this stage to.

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    When talking about med-large breeds, my personal view is they aren't fully grown until 2-5 years old depending on the dog.

    Batty (Kelpie x splash of ACD x staffy or similar we think, the kelpie/acd is definite but no idea what dad was - rescue dog) is just starting to come into what I would call mature and he's approaching his 2nd birthday.

    Ben (Farm ACDx) matured around 3.5 years old. His body finally stopped changing and he settled a lot more.

    I think their personality maturing also depends on what you do with them. Batty works a lot more of his mind than Ben would and seems to have settled faster.

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    Ive only been a large breed owner. And id say they have a false window at around 18 months, where you think they have settled and matured. Then a few weeks later, they are suddenly selectively deaf, disobedient, and push for pack leader role.

    A firm handling at this stage, and you get through to 2 yrs. But with Rotties, they are still filling out till they are 3yrs.

    With GSD's, they change colour up till about 4 yrs. I went away on holiday for 6 weeks, came back and Bernie had grown black hair on his ears and face. Looked like a completely different dog!

    At 2yrs, GSD Bernie just discovered that laying in the sun is better than playing in the sun. But still very playful when i get him excited. By doing extraordinary things like putting my shoes on lol

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    Default Puppy Maturity

    Of course there are no exact dates. When do people reach social maturity? I believe John Paul Scott (researcher and author of Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog) wrote that 18-36 months is the age range when dogs reach social maturity. Sexual maturity is much less, more like 6-9 months. I've noticed that smaller breeds and larger breeds seem to mature at different rates. A dog with a life expectancy of 10 years may not act like an adult dog till 3 years, whereas a smaller breed with a longer life expectancy may be socially mature at 24 months.

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