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Thread: Waiting is the Worst

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    Default Waiting is the Worst

    As I mentioned earlier we are expecting!

    We have adopted a pup from Renbury Farm animal Shelter "Max". The owners have till Tuesday to reclaim. In the meantime I visited him every day since we paid the adoption fee but couldn't make it in the last two days.
    It's been the most aweful wait, I've been sketching pictures of him because I can't get him off my mind.

    Shame you can't foster them at home till their probation period is up, at least then if the owners do reclaim I'll have started house training. Much better than the pound environment for a young pup.

    I'm so anxious about his arrival, got a thousand things going through my mind at the moment.

    Some of my family are comming over shortly and we'll head over to see him this afternoon .

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    Good for you for taking on a Rescue.....Congratulations, you will have new friend for life

    Here are some good free Downloads from Ian Dunbar that might help you in your new venture

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    Pets are forever

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    I can understand what you are saying as my boy is always on my mind.
    I don't know what I would do if we didn't have him.

    By the way what breed is he?

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    Maxie is a border collie cross random dog. At first we thought border x staffy because he has brindling on his cheeks but staffy features are usually more obvious on crosses. Maybe his he's a criss cross .

    He didn't take long to fit into our family .

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    Staffy traits are not always that obvious. My brother has a Lab X Staffy and it looks more lab than anything.

    I can't believe they let someone pay an adoption fee for a dog that was still on probation waiting for possible owners, that seems really dodgy to me. You shouldn't have even been able to meet the dog until it was 100% available.

    Either way best of luck. Today is the day right?

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    Been very eventful lately and I've been meaning to update this thread.

    LOL devil's advocate in every thread :P . It's one of the better shelters in NSW. Compared to some of the council pounds in which there is definate room for impovement. I'm not very pleased with our local pound at the moment. There's a pitbull amnesty this month , I was unlucky enough to be there when a pet dog was surrendered...very sad indeed.

    Talk about small world though. Maxie had his first day at training last week (to get him accustomed to being around other dogs) and I found out the lady who matched my staff with Maxie is the daughter of the vice president of my training club .

    Maxie is awesome:
    By first week he could sit and shake. Second week and he started responding to house training....thank goodness. He's a very bright little dog, there are definately no regrets. We love our shelter puppy .

    Serious face

    Another serious face

    Tandem serious face LOL.

    I'll catch them smiling eventually.

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    Very cute and attentive
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks, yeah I noticed he has a really good watch for a pup so young. He still needs a bit of lead work, but what dog doesn't at that age .

    Some people at training were even doubtful he was border x. When asked about what breed they should list on the ground card I did request "Party Mix" but they wouldn't let me have it . So he has border x boring...."Party Mix" would have been cooler :P .

    What's your best guess?
    He stands just under knee height at the moment and he's 14 weeks old.

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    What a cutie. I recently got a rescue dog of an unidentifiable breed mix too. When people ask me what she is I say "the quintessential bitsa", "the rescue special" or "your guess is as good as mine".

    I wonder if yours has some foxie or JRT in him? I know he's much bigger than that, but his markings and the shape of his body and tail remind me of those.

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    It's possible, a couple at dog training mentioned that.

    I'm fairly confident border collie is a strong influence in the mix. It's not just because of markings either. He responds quickly to training.

    All the best with your little rescue too Beloz.

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