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Thread: Chihauha X ?? Problems... Can Anyone Give Me Some Advice :)

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    Default Chihauha X ?? Problems... Can Anyone Give Me Some Advice :)

    Hi Everyone,

    Im new here, I have a Chihauha x (well we were told it was a Mini Foxie), but it looks more Whippet to me named Lippi. He is about 9 months old. We love him to bits but we are getting a bit frustrated and don't know what to do.

    Firstly, he is a chewer. He has been chewing up power cords, even cables off expensive electronic music gear. I am in a wheelchair, and my wife is worried he'll chew a live cable and burn the house down with me in it.

    The other night he chewed the cables on my laptop, which were live at the time, lucky we could repair the damage.

    Another thing, he sleeps in our bedroom with my wife and I. We always take our dogs outside before bed so they can go.... but without fail... at 2am or some early morning time... we wake up cos lippi has gone on the floor.

    He also tends to sneak into our bed in the middle of the night when he gets cold.

    I am a first time puppy owner, and it's getting a little frustrating because we don't know what to do.

    If anyone can give us some advice, it'd be really helpful


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    He looks a lot like a tenterfield terrier to me - can't see the chi really - not that his breeding makes any difference to what you need to do.

    Really important to limit his access to power cords.

    I'm pretty sure my dog managed to zap herself chewing cords - because she was sneaking in chewing and then she suddenly decided she wasn't going to do that anymore and I found one chewed down to the copper. She had chewed the plug off my shredder - but it wasn't plugged in at the time.

    So anywhere there are power cables, keep him on lead or in a crate or use baby gates to keep him out.

    You could also try annointing the cables with liberal doses of vicks vapour rub - which will need renewing daily... and reward heaps if he goes to sniff and then leaves the cables alone.

    And get him something else to chew - like a squirrel dude, or rawhide or old sneakers (though this can be dangerous for your other shoes). Nylex (plastic) bones, deer antler and cows hoof can be good things for dogs to chew that aren't as messy as bones.

    As for sneaking into your bed - you can get heated puppy mats to put under their beds which might help. I put a wheat bag in my dog's bed - though I'm not sure she appreciates it. She also likes the bed - which has very high sides and is lined with lots of blankets so she's very snug in it.

    Something like an igloo might help your dog stay warm too. note - I haven't shopped there.
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    Though while he still likes chewing things - you may just want to get a cardboard box and use that. I guess a wine box would be about right. And you could put a towel over part of the top to simulate the igloo lid.

    For the toilet training - you may want to put Lippi in a crate inside your bedroom - dogs are generally not keen on soiling in their crate. It shouldn't be too big or he will think there is room to pee in the corner.

    And maybe limit his access to water a couple of hours before bed time.

    And clean up with bicarb soda, vinegar and water. Avoid bleach products as dogs tend to re-mark over that.

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