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We have decided to give him a session of dog training. We found these people: AusDog - Puppy Training Melbourne and Dog Training Melbourne - DogTrainingAustralia.com.au

They come to your house for only 1.5 hours and they say they will train the dog as well as teach you. They said it is $300, but it is all they need and it is only 1 sessions(1.5hours)

He bit my sister today....his full mouth over her foot. So we were going to get rid of him, but i guess we decided to pay now, its expensive but what else can you do, his not a child dog thats for sure.
K9: he there, sorry I haven been around, was on a bit of a break. I have not heard of the people your talking of but have a few good people the I refer behaviour cases onto in Victoria, I only add trainers & behaviourists to my list that I have met & worked with, so they are good.

Email me if you need someone before 5th May.

Not that being booked out is a bad thing, I am booked out until the end of July.