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Thread: Pigs Ears...

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    Deer antler is clean?

    Mine must have been from bloody deer - cos there was goo everywhere. And my dog wasn't bleeding.

    They don't splinter though - I agree with that.

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    Mine had frequent pigs ears and pressed bones inside, real bones outside when they were young and I was ill. I found that this diverted them in the house and yea, I puppy proofed as much as I could it still prevented the chewing of cords etc.
    They are now nearly 2 years old. They don't get fed them now as they swallow big bits and chuck on the carpet...oh joy.

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    She's taken to them and she is quiet when she has it....

    I've been monitoring her excrement and whilst a little yellow it seems ok, still pretty solid.

    It's even managed to keep her quiet inside her crate which she normally cries when I close her in it...

    I might give deer antlers a try..
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    We got Murphy his very first chew bone and he has been chewing on it of and on since lunch time.
    He likes it and I think it has sort of settled him dow from wanting to chew on us a little.
    If he likes them we will continue with them.
    The pigs ears our old dog use to love them but as yet Murphy has not had them but after reading that they contain a lot of fat and gives them bad breath. So I will only do them on the special times.

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