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Thread: Why Are Regular Check-ups Important?

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    Default Why Are Regular Check-ups Important?

    Why are regular check-ups important? Every dog owner asks this type of question, often. If you failed to do the regular check-ups, then the dog may end up having some major diseases that you don't know about. Hence, you need to pay lot of money both to the veterinarians for consultancy and for the required drugs useful for the therapy of the clinical condition.

    One may not be able to find out the very commonly occurring clinical conditions in case of their dogs because of less experience with dog diseases or dog rearing. This is why check ups are important. For example, if the dog has potbelly, the condition may not look abnormal many times. But if the dog is subjected to the regular check-up, then the veterinarian immediately finds it out and gives the appropriate therapy. If not, the animal may experience diarrhea and the dehydration.

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    That is a wise copy & paste for some, what do you consider to be regular checkups though?

    A lot of sources that come from vets directly say every 6 months, then some say vets can just check up the dog when injecting the dog with a yearly toxin vaccination.

    I tend to think (for me , and this is what I do)vet visits every 3 yrs are enough when the dogs are kept healthy, 3 yrs for me because that is when I get the anti-bodies checked and boosted if needed. I dont believe it is hard to notice when a dog is feeling unwell, or when a vets visit is in order for injuries in the interim. I dont suppose many would find that regular, but it is a regular event.

    Over all it is a good little write up whomever wrote it.

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    This is very much an individual thing for me.

    Not all dog owners are experienced...if not a 6 month check up is probably wise and should be recommended.

    There are so very many varing factors....Age and breed? some breeds are prone to certain conditions etc. Some may have ongoing medical conditions.

    Do you visit doggy parks? are you fairly isolated? How long is a peice of string

    I do not think it is wise to state yearly vaccinations are toxic. I understand the issues and relate to them. Though standard vaccination is very, very important in the fight against deadly disease. The good far outweighs the bad IMO. I agree that if in doubt check antibodies first.

    3 years is fine if you own an adult and you are an experienced dog owner who titre tests, it is certainly not fine if you have no idea, have a puppy and visit dog parks.

    I agree with the OP (original or not) Air on the side of caution. It costs far more by holding off treatment to save money, than it does to hop to it and get on top of it quickly.


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    I was told to get a check up every 6 months. Since a dog ages roughly 7 years to our 1 it would be equivilent of us getting a check up every 3.5 years.

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