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    hey all,

    ive got a 10 week old staffy and ive heard all the stories as to how they love to chew etc..... but when does it start?

    jonah has been good so far, but im expecting him to go nuts anytime soon......he has lots of toys and gets a bone every few days.... spoke to his breeder last night and he reckons that if it was gonna happen it should have happened by now...... i believe every word he says and trust his opinion fully, jsut wanted to know other peoples experiences..........

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    He might never become a chewer.... but there is every chance he will. At the moment he will still have a lot of milk teeth and so he is possibly only chewing soft things and so you are not noticing. By 6 months, you'll begin to see if you have a problem, he is too young at this point in my opinion.
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    With our pup she never really was a chewer. We were told one of her sisters (The breeder kept) was realllly bad at it! Ruby did occasionally chew the tops of ciggarette packets off. Not the smokes just the packet haha

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    We got Ziggy when she was 12 weeks and chewing already.

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    We have had Lacey who was a red Heeler and she was so destructive that it wasn't funny. You thought there was nothing to shred, well we guessed wrong she always found things to chew.
    Then we had Koda a Heeler X Coolie and he left Lacey's destruction like it was nothing.
    Now we have Murphy a Blue Heeler and we are expecting the worst. But Koda has done a lot of clean up so there wont be too much he can get into.
    But I will not hold my breath on this subject with him.

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    Like others have said, not all dogs chew but I also agree, 10 weeks is probably too early to tell.

    None of mine really became chewers until they started losing baby teeth, so around 3 or 4 months from memory.

    I have had some very very destructive dogs. A staffy/boxer mix, who was a great dog but he chewed everything and anything until the day he died.

    Barney was extremely destructive as a pup and chewed all the walls in the washhouse as high as he could reach (among other things) but as an adult, he will not even play with something if it is not his until you tell him its ok.

    Pippi looks like she is going to be a life long chewer. Anything she can get her little mouth on, she tries to rip up. She especially likes to go in our daughters room and steal her colouring pencils and erasers LOL. She is over 2 so Id say she is just a "chewer"

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    There's always the furniture - mwhah aha ha ha...

    I was lucky my dog only likes sox and shoes mostly. And certain toys don't last very long, or toilet rolls etc.

    Just take each day as it comes and leave nothing precious where the dog can reach.

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