Sierra hit the nail on the head.

Having worked in boarding kennels I can say I used to hate it when I was sent to the "little dog" section to work only because of all the grooming requirements from all the crosses to Poodles or Bichon's. It was policy that each dog went home washed and groomed.

I was told by one of Australia's Master Groomers that, just as Sierra said, the combination of the shedding and the non shedding coat should not be allowed as most people struggle to keep on top of it and will be at the groomers every 6-8 weeks.

I also read an article I think last year where the original person who implemented the Xbreeding of the Standard Poodle to the Labrador for the Guide Dogs Assoc wishes he had never thought of the idea.

In boarding I've looked after Cav's, Poodles, Pugs, Cockers, Bichons, Labradors, Goldens etc and all the crosses of the above and really could not see the benefits in crossing them. They are all nice dogs in their own right. Yes the crosses were nice too, but not the coat maintenance side.