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Thread: What Dog is Right for Me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagan View Post
    Actually it all depends on your choice and your handling as well.Actually people usually adopt dogs for the inside of the house and for the outside of the outside.What do you want,think about it first ?
    Sorry, I am not sure what you are trying to get across, could you be a little clearer?

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    All I know is I select a dog that we jnow a little about and this may come from previous dogs or a lot of reseach on the net and now this place to.
    I have never picked a dog that I wanted to be inside at all and this goes picking one for outside.
    I pick my dogs because I love them, it has had nothing to do with training at all, as when you get a pup you get a clean piece of paper that you have to rule the lines on it and then put down the writing on it.
    Like sit, stay, come, down and things like that.
    wqell this is what I do anyway.

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