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    We have got Murphy on 4 feeds a day but this will change when he is 3 months old.
    Meal one is when we get up so anywhere between 7 am to 8 am.
    Meal two is at about 11am.
    Meal three is at 4 pm or close to it.
    Meal 4 is at 7pm or a little later.
    Yes I think I may gety in trouble for this but it is what we are doing. The meals are only very small no bigger than the normal soap laddle or so. I don't know how else to explain the small size of the meal. When we cut him back it will be the 11 am meal first. Then I really don't know when he will be cut back to 2 meals a day and the next to be stopped will be the 4 pm meal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2BC View Post
    Sookie is finally home she is one sleepy pup! I think she's settling in nicely. She is more gorgeous than her pic such a sweet little girl

    Are all pups like this on their first day in a new home??
    Shhhhh, dont speak too soon enjoy it whilst it lasts but yes pups do sleep a lot and trust me you will be pleased that they do

    Quote Originally Posted by K2BC View Post
    Oh 1 more question!!
    The breeder had her fed at 7am, 12:30 and 6pm.
    Do we keep her on the same feeding schedule? How long is she on 3 feeds a day??
    A lot of long term Lab breeders like my boy's breeders, who have breeding Labs for over 30 years, recommend feeding them 3 meals up to 4months of age and then at this age change them over to two meals a day and at the same time change from puppy food to adult food if you are feeding them kibble (dry food). Reason for this is to slowdown the growth rate of Lab pups to reduce any orthopaedic issues and ensure correct joint and bone development. Some long term Lab breeders that feed kibble as part of the pup's diet, dont even start them on puppy kibble, they go straight on to adult kibble because of the fast growth issues with puppy kibble.

    If your breeder hasn't given you any advice, then I would recommend doing what I did and follow my boy's recommendations. My boys breeders are probably the most reknown Lab breeders in the country, so you can't go wrong following their advice and my boy has developed beautifully. When I swapped him over to adult food, I added raw meaty bones (RMB) to his diet, so he got a combination of RMB, kibble, veges, raw eggs, sardines, yoghurt all at different times over a week mixed into his morning kibble, but his evening meal has always the RMB by themselves and he just LOVES his bones. Did you receive a diet sheet from your girl's breeder?

    Enjoy your beautiful baby

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    She gave us a rundown on what times and food they have been using.
    We will stick to it for now and see how she goes.
    It's not really interrupting my day lol I'm home all day!!

    She woke for a little while, had dinner and a play but is now back asleep

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