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Thread: Dry Food Only ?

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    Also, just a quick little add on...

    It's not hard at all to find out ingredients from the different foods - they're listed online all you have to do is google.

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    And most have preservatives in them and that is the baddy......I hate the thought of all the preservatives, hence I am a RAW or home made feeder. I know what they are getting.
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    Agree that we need to make our own educated decision on what and how we feed our dogs, they all have different needs. My own fur babies have both been rehomed. Finn was fed Supercoat prior the rehoming, which was recommended by his vet at the time, his spine was prominate, but he was carrying weight in his torso.

    Karmas was very underweight when she came to us. She had been fed the supermarket brand of dry food which we were told she would bury.

    We have since changed their individual diets and they are very healthy fur babies, but I feel that only the owner can choose the right diet for their own dog, as each breed has different requirements.

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    Our two GSD's were fed on CopRice working dog dry food. Two meals a day soaked in hot water and cooled. Then they had some bones and chicken carcesses intermittently. They never had a problem and were bang on with weight.

    Gigha is a bit more pedantic. She gets one part beef mince, one part Vet's all Natural porridge stuff (soaked in water for 24hrs) and two parts chicken mince. We buy it in 5kg and 10kg lots and mix up a batch at a time, bag it and feeze it in portions. She is on 2 feeds a day now and gets bones as well. It is fiddly and it is a bit more expensive but it was what we were told she would thrive on and she does!

    I agree on Vet's not knowing much about food. When we were told of Gigha's diet requirements we questioned it and spoke to vets. None of them knew anything about it, it was other dog owners that told us that it was good stuff, oh and Google!

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