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Thread: My Puppy Makes Me Cry :(

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    Unhappy My Puppy Makes Me Cry :(

    I have a 7 month old pup, his name is Tae and he is an indoor/outdoor dog. He is an American bulldog x shihtzu. 90% bulldog characteristics so he is a very stubborn, highly active (jumpy), solid build and VERY naughty.

    I take care of him like he were my own child, he has a really funny/goofy character however he is crazy in the head but I do love him with all my heart. I refer to him as the devil dog because he's ALWAYS destroying or ruining something.

    I know destructive dogs stems from boredom however I just dont understand why he's bored? He has 1000's of toys, all of which he plays with or destroys. He has my older dog to play with and he also plays with my cat. He gets plenty of exercise every day as well.

    As a younger pup, he was MUCH worse... he would latch onto my hair or my clothes as I was walking and wouldnt let go. He still shows a little bit of agression now (in a playful way though) but it gets too much as he doesnt stop. I'll go to pat him but he thinks I'm playing and goes to bite/wrestle with me (like he would playing with my other dog) or pull on my sleeves which he rips off sometimes.

    He's constantly destroying something. In one day, he chewed through my heater cord, vaccumm cord, electric blanket cord and extention cord! He has an obsession with my indoor pot plants and is constantly digging into it when I'm not looking. He's a white dog, I know when he's had a go at the plants because he comes to me with a black face!

    I only discipline him when I catch him in the act by growling out no in a deep voice but this does not seem to deter him for long because as soon as I've turned my back, he's at it again. I've even gone to the extreme measures of having him desexed in the hope that he would calm down but it hasnt done anything!

    I honestly do not know what to do, I feel like my house is out of control due to my pup. My most common used words in my house is 'Tae NO!' and that disturbs me because Im just constantly frustrated over him. He's CONSTANTLY doing something he's not suppose to!

    I literally cannot relax at home because Tae is so naughty I've never had a dog that doesnt take to obedience lessons, he doesnt take to repetition or distraction methods. If I could record a video of how he acts, you would fully understand. Most of the time I feel like when I'm growling at him to stop what he's doing, it's as if I'm egging him on to do it more!

    I cry some nights because I do everything for my pets, they live like humans in my house and no matter what I try nothing seems to help Tae's disobedience. He's just so crazy and I want to be able to give him a happy life and set him up with good behaviour but I'm at a point where I'm beginning to give up and considering keeping him outdoors on a permanent basis

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    sounds like marley the dog of the movie marley and me it funny sounds ilike you got the real one marley i dont know what i can do stuff that he hates on the plants

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    Yeah he is EXACTLY like Marley! I've always thought that about him actually hahaha.

    I just have no idea what I can do to curb his behaviour. He stresses me out to the max!

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    Mental exercise and physical exercise are both essential for a dog.

    Whilst Tae might have heaps of toys, and a friend to play with, plus walks (which I imagine you don't find terribly enjoyable), he potentially is not getting the mental stimulation. Think of it this way; dogs might be able to run for hours, but intense thinking is limited to minutes!

    So, just for starters, I'd firstly invest in a crate. There are heaps of threads here about crates and crate training. I'd be crating your boy for periods of time to a) limit the damage, b) provide him with a warm, safe, stress free environment and c) to give you a break. Noone can adequately deal with or train a dog if they are at maximum stress levels!

    Secondly, I'd recommend finding a good training school close to you. Start some structured training with Tae so you have some enjoyable progress, and because training done consistently for short regular periods each day = tired dog. And tired dog = good dog.

    I noticed you wrote that Tae is treated like a human in your household- so as not to misunderstand your meaning, could you enlarge on that?

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    As v&f has recommended. Confinement training is a MUST please watch these videos on confinement training -

    You could also try the NILIF system with Tae.
    Nothing in Life is Free

    Sounds like you really want to do the right thing for you dogs you just need a hand with this particular dog. You have a combo of very active breeds who needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

    Stop leaving toys around they are less fun for the dog when they are always there. Give him just a couple a day and rotate them. Also try treat balls, stuffed kongs etc that take up time.

    It also seems you have let his mouthing get out of hand. Growling at him won't work. I would recommend you get a behavioural trainer out asap to get this under control. If you give us a general idea of the area you live in I am sure someone can recommend a GOOD trainer for you to contact.

    Growling no at him when he is doing something wrong also wont do anything (which you have found out), they also don't understand what you mean by No, especially if you are not enforcing the command. No to your dog currently means to look at you and then go back to what he was doing, because this is what you have let him do.

    You have allowed him too much freedom growing up. Dogs need boundaries. I realise you love your dog but not providing it with boundaries isn't making your dog happy, you need to put your foot down now and start treating you dog like a dog and not a person.
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    7 months old - the terrible teens. To a certain degree we all go thru this with our dogs.

    I have 6 dogs aged from just turned 12 months to 5.5 years and there is no way I would have indoor plants, I wouldn't leave the vacuum cord out, I wouldn't leave shoes out, in fact my home is pretty dog proof with not much laying around and I consider my dogs pretty good but still I don't tempt them especially the younger two.

    I have four baby gates in our house two are self returning so they can never go into those areas of the house and two can be left open giving them access to further rooms when I'm in them or when I know they are settled.

    I wouldn't have indoor plants with my lot, as it would probably temp the younger two and I wouldn't leave out the vacuum because sooner or later it may tempt one of them.

    Regarding dog toys, I have 100s also but only put out 6 at a time for about 2 weeks then I replace those 6 with a different lot, so basically I rotate toys. For single home dogs or multiple dogs without food aggression kongs, raw meaty bones etc are also great. At 7 months old the need to chew is still very strong. Remember their mouths are equivalent to our hands and need to be kept busy.

    I think the above suggestion of joining an obedience club would be very beneficial.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Tae is treated like a human in the sense that he gets the best of everything. Premium food, so many toys, beach every week, regular walks (which yes is not enjoyable at all), I take both my dogs everywhere with me (when I can), they have doggie play dates, etc. A dog could not ask for more in my house.

    I crate Tae at night while I sleep to ensure he doesnt have any accidents and since the only time I get to spend with my dogs is briefly in the morning and a few hours at night, I just don't feel it's right to crate him when I get home after work. I don't want him to get into the habit of feeling his crate is a horrible place to be in but I will definitely look into it.

    I will endeavor to find him a good training school. He had been to one before and I have been consistent with the trainers instructions but Tae just wont have any of it. He is a very intelligent dog, he has shown this in his behaviour but in a negative way. He has learnt that when I take him outside in the yard to do his business, he wont come back even when I call him with treats ready. He's learnt that when I call him in, it means outdoor time is done and he can spend up to an hour outdoors and still doesnt want to come inside. I literally have to run around the yard (half a hectare of yard) to catch him to bring him inside. He won't do his business if I have him on a lead. Its not easy! He also wont come to me when it's bedtime, I have to catch him and bring him to my room with his lead on. I have to do this EVERY DAY and I'm getting stressed over it.

    I have trained my other dog and my parents family dog and they are just absolute angels. I had no idea why Tae is this bad

    When Tae is good, its like heaven but 80% of the time he is an absolute nightmare. I struggle maintaining a neat and clean home with him. He ruins everything and makes such a big mess every day! I've had so many people tell me they've never seen a dog like him, he's untrainable, to give him away but I will NEVER do this, he's my boy and I love him like I would a child but my god, he makes my life a misery sometimes.

    I'm at my wits end. I just have no idea what drives him so crazy.

    I am going to try out the ambilical cord method, have him leashed constantly in the house and see how I go. I just hope this works.


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    Never ever call your dog when you are going to do something the dog sees as not fun. Ie: DOn't call you dog for bath time, don't call your dog to put them in a crate, don't call them when you are bringing them inside. Otherwise you will end up with a dog who has NO recall at all. If you are doing something the dog will not enjoy just go and get the dog.
    With going toilet, maybe try getting a play pen or block off part of the backyard so he is confined to a small area of the backyard so it is easier to catch him to bring him inside.

    Hope you have some luck with our suggestions.

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    Why can't he stay outside? For my dogs, being inside is a reward. Your dog has it backwards haha

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    He is at the age I reckon.

    All my dogs went through a super destructive period around that age. Unfortunately, one of my dogs stayed in the phase til he was 6 years old LOL

    I htink a lot of patience is required....and sometimes, you just have to have a laugh

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