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He reads like a normal adolescent puppy. It's up to you to do the reading, learn how to train him, and do the work. It doesn't take much really. Five minutes a day of person to dog work.

And you can read all the articles here too, and hopefully actually do some of the stuff suggested.
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If you'd read up on crate training and used that, you wouldn't be having quite so many problems with destructo dog.

And yes, I have a carpet - chewed, bed spread with a hole in it and a shredder that has no plug, and a powerboard that went the same way - though after that one - she stopped chewing power cords - go figure.

Chewing things isn't just about boredom - it's about developping jaw strength and teething ie baby teeth falling out and adult teeth coming through so it's good to have a bunch of things your dog is allowed to chew but to only provide a few different ones each day and put the rest away ie new toys are more exciting than old ones. So hide most of them and every week they're new again.

I recently got a deer antler piece for my dog. Unfortunately it's very messy ie the innards of the antler are bloody. Urk. And a cows hoof - which is doing very well though I have to limit how long she gets to chew it because it comes back to haunt us at her other end. And a squirrel dude which I load up with part of her kibble dinner and she has to work to get it out. I made the mistake of putting some dried beef lung cubes in it, and she opened up the bottom of that one like she has car tyre cutters for teeth.