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Thread: Puppy Pooping on Outside Tiles Not Grass

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    Sorry about the typos everyone. Many times I am responding on my iPhone and my eyes are not that good any more.... nor is my brain and the messages it sends to my fingers! I think my fingers are dyslexic.
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
    A realist just finishes the damn thing and refills it.

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    I am in this stage with Murphy and I stay outside with him while he is out there and I watch and praise him like you are.
    I would go to one of the chain shops and get a cheap wire enclosure.
    I know that we can get one here for about $30 and it is shaped like the 50 cent coin.
    All you do is pull it out and place the pup in it.
    And do be patient with it, as it is all new. It will soon be going there for the rest of its life if you start it early in its life. Like we intend on doing.
    I hope you can find one of the wire modual things where you are Ii know it will work, as this is why we will be getting one next week.

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    I trained 2 littermates at the same time.
    We had a word...widdle widdle.
    Said the word, out we went, said the word again then ignored them, no fun, no games. When they went.. said the word as it was happening....wooohoo great praise and back inside we went.

    It onlt took a few months and now they just go to the door to be let out or I open the door with a widdle widdle???? Yes, no, they either go out or stay in.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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