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Thread: Washing a Puppy

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    Default Washing a Puppy

    Hi is it OK to wash a 8 week old puppy ?

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    I would say it was fine, just make sure its a warm bath and dry your puppy completely! Do you have a smelly pup on your hands?

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    haha yes its a bit smelly, a 8 week old rottie

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    Pics please
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    I washed my dog - once her stitches were out.

    Plenty of treats, and warm water - I used johnsons no more tears shampoo - so if I did happen to get some of that in her eyes, it wouldn't sting. I also used buckets of water and scooped it over her - out on the lawn. Rather than trying to hold her in a tub of water.

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    We had to wash Murphy at 9 weeks when we got him.
    When you touched him you could feel the dirt on his fur and on your hands.
    So with me and my bad back I put him in the kitchen sink and washed him in warm water.
    At first he didn't like it then adjusted to it knowing full well he was getting this done.
    Well after he was washed and dried you should have felt how soft his fur really was.
    He was dirty as the enclosure he was in was a dirt floor with a small concrete area that was covered. I am glad I don't it and he was quite happy after to.

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    I washed an 8ish week old pup a couple weeks ago when I got him home as he had been covered in fleas and was dirty. I am lucky though I have a bathtub with the detachable head so that made it easy.

    I tend to always wash my dogs when I first bring them home as puppies. Get rid of any dead fleas, dirt etc.

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    I take my babie sint he shower with me.

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    Use a very mild detergent, such as baby shampoo... don't use too much... I just put a little in the water rather than on the dog and pour over the pup... rinse in clean water... another good idea is to use baby wipes... and another tip that we use prior to a dog show... is a hot face washer.. rinse in hot water wring out all water and rub down puppy...

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    We have used Velvet soap and this is soft on the pups skin and I am jet to find a dog that has any bad reactions to it.
    So I would have to say that this is a very safe product to use on pups of any age.

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