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Thread: Suggestions on Crying Puppy

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    Default Suggestions on Crying Puppy

    we picked up our 8 week old rottie and it slept great the first night but during the day its been crying any suggestions im going to get a clock that ticks just incase it starts tonight ,debbie

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    Hen we got Harley our boy rottie he didnt cry at all. We were lucky
    A few months later we got lily but cos she was so small and Harley was rough we put her in the bathroom to sleep alone and she cried to the point where our neighbors called the police cos they thaught something happened to her ( they didn't realize we got a new pup and thaught it was Harley and it was unusual). We were letting her cry cos we didn't want to reward the crying and I fell asleep at the other end of house OH was supposed to be watching her not let it get to the point to annoy the neighbors lol.
    Lily had heaps of toys and she would snuggle her favs. After a few days Harley grew gentler and lily tougher and they slept together. No more noise.

    Try clock or those heart beat teddys. I didn't like to give in but if there close to u they seem better.
    Don't let their size fool u at almost 2 years and 40+kg each mine still consider themselves lap dogs and are very snuggly

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    Default Some Questions

    Congratulations on your new fur kid. Great that you had an easy first night.

    Why do you think your puppy has been crying? Where is it crying/what is the context the crying is happening in? This might give us some clues so we can better help you.

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    I tried putting my puppy in a crate in the laundry/kitchen area for the first night and she was not happy. So I moved her to a bed next to my bed. With a rig using a lead that went under me and attached to the far side of the bed. A friend suggested attaching the lead to my foot but I sleep like a cement mixer so I figured I'd just wind the lead up doing that. I set the alarm for twice in the middle of the night for potty training and did that for the first couple of weeks (she was 10 weeks when I got her). Anyway no more problem with crying.

    Now she's happy to sleep quietly where I put her, but I still have a bed for her next to my bed. I think we both feel better about it. No burglars are sneaking into my house unannounced.

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    My new babies sleep near us....We have newfie puppies and I just have a box beside the bed and my arm was often hanging in it. I have no anxiety issues with my dogs. I just believe it is too much for a puppy to be left alone when they come from so much company. We also have other dogs, so they entertain our pups when we are not home. But I am not one to ignore little puppies crying. I teach my dogs independence skills later. By just crate training and such. And leaving them tied up , whilst I train other dogs near-by. And also using our kennel when they are a little older. But babies are kept in company in our household.

    PS, I also se the alarm and get up a few times a night for a potty walk. And we have had hardly any mishaps with all the puppies we have had. Good luck with your little one
    Pets are forever

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    When we bought our boy home, being an only child we placed his box beside our bed and placed t-shirts we had been wearing all day inside the box. We kept that up for a few weeks, never had any crying. He's independant and although we spend most of the time together he can be left for hours at a time without any problems. I think being constantly with us or our scent just made him feel happier. Like others we made sure we got up a couple of times through the night for potty.

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    my 7 mt nugget crys all nigth becluse she use to sleep with me but my mum made me make her sleep out side in her mums dog house i drives me mad
    but two nigths ago i rub my sent on a blankit and the crying stoped but the bad thing is i have to ripet this every nigth and it inbarsing people see me rub a blankit on my head and put it in the dog house but it works
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
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    We just went through this and with Murphy we put him in his create day one and it is just opposite out bedroom door.
    Like other I too placed a smelly old T-shirt in his create and wrapped up a ticking clock in it. We even blackened it out more by placing a blanket over the top of the create so it looked even more like night time which it was anyway.
    Doing that gave me the chance to head off to the toilet through the night without disturbing him.
    This didn't work, as the wife woke me and we had to carry him into the computer room, where he continued, again I couldn't hear him.
    He had to of gone to sleep finally.
    So the next day I wore my oldest shoes Ihave and that night I threw in the left shoe and we had a better night, almost forgot to mention that he had a soft toy to snuggle into as well in there every night.
    Each night got better and better, now we decided it was time to bring him back into the dinning area when he is once more opposite our bedroom and where I want him to sleep as an adult.
    Night one back there we had to cover it as when I went to the toilet he started to cry. So back with the cover. And this is how it is now.
    We over the next weeks will slowly move the blanket off the create so soon it will be just his create and not blanket.
    I take him out about 11 or 11.30pm for his last toilet time and he goes straight to bed until morning.

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    im starting to think my dog has got sep ank so i in the pros of making a dog blanket i have fin that now i just have to sleep with it lol
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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